An armed Peace Corps?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Aug 25, 2009.

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  1. Lunacy:
  2. Judging by the former US Space cadets we have out here, vintage PC 1960's, I don't really think it would attract the Right Sort.
    The NGO's and Missionary's are by far too way out for the real world.
  3. Well, it is a subject that I've thought about. The US keeps yammering on about the need for boots on the ground in places like the DRC and Darfur, and constantly pressures allies to don blue berets and march into civil wars. However, the US sends very few of its own into the fray (though, we are a might busy right now, so I'm not complaining THAT much). I think the most blue-hatted troops the US has had deployed worldwide at one time in the ten years is something like 8 (I believe 4 in Haiti and 4 in Liberia).
  4. Suggested Peace Corps motto: 'Fighting for Peace is akin to F*cking for Virginity'.
  5. rather than produce a dubious 2nd rate brigade.
    put the cash into forming a carde like air mobile brigade that could be filled out with for example african union troops.
    You get boots on the ground with a suitable attitude.
    The troops get mentoring from professionals.
    Theres a fromidable logistics chain.
    If things get sticky gunships (kiowa warrior) turn up and brass the bad guys up.