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There are three different versions for any Iraqi news; American, British, and the truth. One year after the start of the American-British war on Iraq, we could confidently say that the war was illegitimate, as every pretext used to justify it turned out to be either a lie or a mistake. While no weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) were found, meaning that Iraq presented no threat, nevertheless, Dr. Hans Blix, chief UNMOVIC inspector, destroyed the legal excuses for launching the war in his book, "Disarming Iraq," as well as in other interviews he made.
Interesting threads you have started here PTP, the Al Jazeera poll, is that there actual website?
If you ever go to these websites, remember that the Arab population view us the same as the US. Christian crusaders who support the Zionists!

To them religion is and will always be the foremost in their mind. The crusades may have been a thousand years ago but to them that doesn't matter. It happened therefore never forget!

Also no matter what we think in getting rid of Saddam, the war was probably still illegal as we didn't get that 2nd resolution or UN support.

But hey, when has that ever bothered the US or the UK!
D-L, despite their religous views they still have valid opinions and should at least be listened to.

Dismiss them out of hand and we're no better than the spams trying to americanise the east!!
nice find. Mind you, any site written from Beirut is bound to be a little anti-west.
Hi Tigger

Yes the link is their actual site. I'm going to start posting articles from the other teams perspective,which should hopefully excite some debate in this part of the forum.

Al dhayat is the biggest selling English Language Arabic newspaper I think, though Al-Kuds might disagree.

As Rudolph says, we ignore the sentiment or opinion expressed in publications such as these, at our peril.

Personally, in spite of the anti-west bias of the above article, I felt the writer did make some good points

The issue is much more than a simple intelligence mistake, as the American and British governments wanted war to an extent that made them believe the Iraqi National Congress (INC), its leader Ahmad Chalabi, and the lying scientists who spoke of Saddam Hussein's WMDs plans. Perhaps, this title of a Guardian article summarizes the whole issue: "Need to build a case for war? Step forward Mr. Chalabi."

I do not wish to talk about Ahmad Chalabi today, as he is in Iraq with the American forces, just as he wishes. An Iraqi public opinion survey showed that he did not gain the consent of the Iraqi people, but he is pursuing his efforts. I have in front of me another title from the Guardian, "We were duped," accusing Iraqi dissidents to be behind the erroneous information, some of which came via the INC.
PtP, - Agree completely. One of the best articles I've read for a longtime on this subject. We (the west) can learn, must learn, from the very people we are seeking to 'help' or we are in danger of becoming as up ourselves as the spams.
R_H didn't mean to dismiss them out of hand :oops: but highlight the fact that their way of thinking is so different or even alien to our western thought.

What we would dismiss out of hand, they view as insult and will take revenge. Sometimes I wish the UK public would have some of their attitude and stand up and protest, not meekly accept things after a few mumbles
We should have realised a long time ago that trying to help them is always going to be reasonably futile. What of our involvement in Bosnia amd Kosovo, where we protected a muslim minority from being wiped off the face of the earth (or pushed down a mine shaft) by some particularily nasty christians? Or inavding Iraq, and removing a particularily brutal dictator who wasn't afraid to gas his own people? What about if we removed a corrupt monarchy from Saudi Arabia and installed a democratically elected government that would re-distribute all the oil wealth? It would all be cynically portrayed as "The New Crusades" by the Arab media. Or do we do nothing, and get lambasted by our own media for doing nothing about the oppression of the (insert a name here) people.

I do think that we need to put up a big wall (with the petrol pump on our side!)

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