An appeal to Mr. Blair.

Dear Mr. Blair,

How long are we going to wait, before we are committed, in concert with other African Commonwealth forces, to do something about this man?

The arrests of Farmers, their families and workers continues, and we still stand idly by.

On the 12th of September, you promised to fight terrorism, anywhere on the globe it occured.

Terrorism is happening, on a daily basis, in a former British colony, and still, we do nothing. Are we really that much America's poodle, or are we a Sovereign nation in our own right?

We intervened in Sierra Leone, and restored order, with the grateful thanks of the people there, what makes Zimbabwe so different?

How long must we wait? Until the President starts "disappearing" farmers, their families and workers?

The next stage for Mugabe, will be to declare these people, "Enemies of the State" at which point, British subjects and there dependants, black and white , will be in mortal fear of their lives.

You seem to believe, that Iraq will benefit from a regime change. Would the same not be true for Zimbabwe.

Come on Mr. Blair, when are we going?
We intervened in Sierra Leone, and restored order, with the grateful thanks of the people there, what makes Zimbabwe so different?

This snivelling, self-rightous government is liberal with a capital "L". It believes that all institutions are systematically "institutionally racist" and therefore anti-black/asian/whatever. It assumes that only conservative (with a small "c") little Englander, middle class, educated whites can be racists against blacks. It would defeat the faulty logic of this government to admit that racism can manifest itself in many different ways, including black on black, black on asian, asian on black, but more heretically to the Liberal creed, black on white. This government hates the white middle class "conservative" so much that it would gladly see the hard working entrepreneurial spirit crushed and defeated because with ambition comes the creation of wealth and the independance of mind and position that comes with the ability to afford to make decisions of our own.

This government is zealous in its desire to crush independance from the state as it wants to destroy anything it did not create itself. It wants to flood this country with immigrants to sieze as a constituency of its own so that those of us from the indiginous population, who would not normally tolerate the abuse of democracy we have enjoyed from the Magna Carta, are out-spoken by those with no ties to this glorious nation. This government hates the family (abolition of the married man's tax allowance) and loves the paedophile (how many human rights do they now have enshrined in the Human Rights Act that prevents them being named in the community or adequately punished?). It hates hard work (the Working Time Directive). It hates business (crippling red-tape and a rise in ultra left wing trade unions). It hates the Monarchy (muscling in on the Queen mother's funeral and trying to create a high profile role for the PM like it did with Diana's funeral). It crushes free speech (brandishing anyone who disagrees with their agenda on asylum "racists").

Enough say I. The British disposition of quiet resiliance needs to rise up against this insidious rabble. We must recapture the body politic to take on our own affairs. We must make sure this band of neer-do-wells and destroyers of our fine institutions never again return to power. We must break Blair, Campbell and their cohorts. Me must claim back our country and our armed forces, and with the power the forces bring, our foreign policy.

If Blair had meant what he said on 12th Spet he would have flattened the Bogside and parts of Boston and Chicago where the funding begins for Irish Republican Terrorism. But he was false in his intentions. His motivation was not to rid the world of terror but to sieze the media by claiming to be a leader on the world stage. But how many countries have supported him? Jordan? I think not! Europe? Hardly. This is a war of spin. Mission creep has begun, a presence is there long after it was claimed that we should have pulled out. The lack of any role for Britain was put on he shoulders of Brig Lane because he would not lie for this government. His career was smeered, his name besmirched because this cabinet wanted to appear heroic. Cowards! Cowards I say.

Let us take our foreign policy and begin by addressing the problems closer to home. Let this government admit that blacks can behave in a way that is "racist" against whites. Let us define the right of white farmers to own their own land, and protect their right to do so. Let us promote their industrious nature. Let us protect the Commonwealth. Let us help Zimbabwe recover from decades of corruption and put the people of Zimbabwe in a stronger position than it is now economically. Let us be a force for good in face of physical danger.

For any of you who read my words and agree with my point of view, do not sit back and wait for these things to happen, they won't. Motivate yourselves to motivate others to express their contempt of Blair in the ballot box. But more! Lobby your opposition politicians to support the aims we espouse. Don't replace one set of moral cowards with another. We can influence the trend of poilitics but only if we unite as collective. Without the armed forces this, or any government, could not export a foreign policy. With no threat comes no policy execution, and thus relegation on the world stage. Our politicians must undertsnad we have a will and a way, but only you can make it happen.
It's obvious why we don't intervene;

  (i) we don't have the means to do it on ourselves.

  (ii) the will to do it doesn't exist as there are no oil reserves at stake.

  (iii) Finally, do you honestly think Tony Blair has "the balls" to mount an independent campaign without full US support??
It's obvious why we don't intervene;

  (i) we don't have the means to do it on ourselves.

  (ii) the will to do it doesn't exist as there are no oil reserves at stake.

  (iii) Finally, do you honestly think Tony Blair has "the balls" to mount an independent campaign without full US support??

Excellent points Arthur, but you forgot.....

(iv) We haven't been given the go ahead by De Beers...
Bloody Hell Woopert

After that , I'm not sure whether to get under the bed, or break out the Battalion Colours  ;D

I'm sure there are men of power and influence that read this, so ask yourselves this...

Are we at the forefront of the fight against terrorism or not. That fight, is against real enemies, with real malice aforethought, to people and their dependants, Black and White, who enjoy, or at least should enjoy, the protection of the UK armed forces.

The fight against terrorism, is not about invading foreign governments, because they might, at some point in the future, be a threat to us, Otherwise, we'd be landing in China.

The fight against terrorism, should be a good, clean and pure fight, to protect those that cannot protect themselves, NOT to increase the profits of corporations.

I make no bones, the entire TW@T scenario, appears to have been constructed, to enable corrupt politicians to repay old favours, and have their friends and campaign financiers grow even richer

We are still waiting for the definitive proof, that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. Meanwhile, in a former British colony, a Tyrant is allowed to go unchecked.

I note with interest, that Nicholas van Hoggenspellingmistake, apart from being a bastard of the first water, is also a personal friend of Mr. Mugabe. He had offered to underwrite the the sale of Mig-29's to Zimbabwe, a very very capable aeroplane.

Now South Africa is concerned, and rightly so. If Mugabe is allowed to reign unchecked, he WILL start casting his avaricious gaze elsewhere, as he did in the Congo, under the pretext of help.

Mugabe has to be stopped,it has to happen sooner rather than later. If the intelligence and in country reports are right, the people want to be delivered. A show of strength now, in co-operation with other Commonwealth countries, will almost certainly lead to a popular uprising, and Comrade Bob running for exile.

I see yet another appeal for donations and food tonight. Zimbabwe has 5.7 million people threatened with starvation, all due to poor food management,thanks to Comrade Bob's "Year Zero" policies. How long can we, as the reportedly "Most civilised nation"on earth, stand by and let this happen.

Mr. Blair, call a crisis meeting with other Commonwealth leaders now. I think you will find, South Africa, in the last week, has had a 180 degree turnaround, in it's foreign policy to Zimbabwe. Call the meeting, but put the velvet glove in an iron fist, and move the Air Brigades to Zambia and Malawi and South Africa now.

The press unfortunately, have concentrated on "White Farmers" What about Black British passport holders? What about the dependants? What about the workers?

As long as the press concentrate only on one section of the population, then we will never see how desperate the situation truly is.

We're ready, it's what we want, it's what we train for, a good honest fight, for all the right reasons
Hey, I'm off to Malawi on Wednesday...apparently the Bluppet is going out for a visit too.

...maybe I should have a word in his communist shell-like? :mad: ;D

Hahhahahaa wear your Beret getting off the aircraft Eagle..

"Advance party of British Imperialist Aggressors arrive in Malawi"

Still, why is Bluppet going to Malawi?


War Hero
Perhaps if we go to Zim we could use the current Arid climate lightrole battalion, look they do have a purpose!

Or we could send the Paras!
Have a good time in Malawi Eagle, and if you happen to see a Spitfire or something interesting, sitting in the dump at the airport, let me know :)

Ford - We could send the Paras, but I thought we were after a spot of hearts and minds?

At the end of it all, 5.7 million (Non Mugabe) supporters, are faced with starvation.

Now , we can either do a spot of regime re-jigging, or we can wait till it goes to ratshit, send in an ineffective UNPROFOR, and be paying for the cleanup for a generation...

It's the Commonwealth's choice.
We won't go into Zimbabwe for a number of reasons;

1) Our pinko Liberal rulers still cannot grasp the fact that the erstwhile apple of their eye, E-ba-gum, has turned out to be a bit of a cad.
2) They cannot accept that a White has a valid reason to be living in Africa (neither can most African states), therefore, they (the Whites) must be getting their post colonial just desserts.
3) Black on Black does not count - it is the internal politics of Zimbabwe and therefore no-one else can get involved.

With regard to the attitude of other African Nations.

1)  They cannot let the side down by criticising one of their own.
2)  They cannot necessarily see that he is doing anything wrong.  I think it was Max Hastings who recently wrote an article about the eventual expulsion of all Whites from Africa.  In it an old Africa hand once told him that if an African ruler/President did not line his own pockets whilst in office he would be considered mad.  There is no such thing as serving the nation, there is only loyalty to one's family, one's tribe and party supporters.
Have a good time in Malawi Eagle...
Thanks!  :D

I'm a bit annoyed though - apparently there aren't any shops near where we will be based in Tesco's, no nuffink......tch!, where will I buy my pad-snacks?

God, I hate going to bed hungry :mad: ;)
firstly and generally to all,new to the site, but been reading it now for over 4 hrs-think its brilliant,to the subject at hand.I was wondering when someone would bring up the wholly ignored plight of the white farmers and fully agree with your thoughts.why are we sitting back and closing our eyes to the injustices that are going on,we should get involved.Its a much better cause than many weve been sent in in the past.
To be contrarian for a moment, and to contradict His Grace (Arthur Wellesley), who wrote:

"It's obvious why we don't intervene;

  (i) we don't have the means to do it on ourselves.

  (ii) the will to do it doesn't exist as there are no oil reserves at stake.

  (iii) Finally, do you honestly think Tony Blair has "the balls" to mount an independent campaign without full US support?? "

I find these points interesting. One and three appear to completely contradict each other. Would you really want Tony Blair to say 'we don't have the means to do it alone, but sod it. It's only British soldiers who'll die, so I'll have the balls to send them in anyway!!'??

Point number one says it all. Mugabe controls the Army (poorly equiped, but battle hardened in the Congo), the 'War Veterans' and a substantial slice of the population (arguably the most violent slice!). I know that they're not a high tech Army, but f**k me what a mess you'd face if you tried to 'go in'. A long, protracted, bloody war in Africa, which would arguably cause even more misery to the British Passport holders living there. Then we'd be stuck there for a generation.

I'm no Mugabe apologist, but thank f**k none of you lot from the (send in the Army and sort them out brigade) work in the Foreign Office!
Without wishing to malign the worthy sentiments expressed so far, there is also another agenda here which you should consider in your deliberations.

Black Africa (ie the Heads of African Nations who want to be taken seriously on the world stage) have got to start assuming the responsibility for the troubles that exist in their region. GB Plc got involved in Sierra Leone to help the Nigerians (now de facto Mr Big in the NW of Africa) establish their credentials as Police NW Africa station. They haven't got involved in Zim because they want S Africa to assume that role. The longer Mugabe oppresses black Zimbabwians (as well as white Zimbabwians), the more dictatorial his behaviour becomes, the more pressure Thabo Mbeki will come under to act. TM is reluctant to do so because he still is thinking with a  'Black Brother' mind set. TM would like the regional Heads of State to behave in a friendly, civilised and coperative manner - dream on, Thabo.

There is another reason for allowing millions of starving Africans to be splashed all over the world media - it sends a stark and uncompromising message to African leaders that this situation has been made worse by one of their own....there is no white hand at work here. Give it another 12 months and Mugabe will be so hated by people in, and outside , his country that his political party and its ideologies will have been dealt a mortal blow.

And just to end with something that will probably make you spit, the white farmers should have taken the initiative 10 years ago and put together a programme of training local people to become commercial farmers (as opposed to the traditional smallholders that they are), to have then formed cooperatives owned by both black and white - basically, to have put together a 20 year project that would have transformed the basis of land ownership in an orderly and effcient manner - then both black and white would have benefitted.

I was born and raised in the region, am a passionate advocate of the rights of both black and white, and I pray that Mugabe will be seen in years to come as one of The Last Great African Dictators.
Wise words Prodigal.

I sense an analysts job in DIS or the Cabinet Office for you.......................

Hang on nobody listens to the analysts in either of those places

That'll be me off to Iraq then....
Thank you SS, if you know of any jobs going, let me know...!

Woopert, I was going to come back at you point by point, but frankly so much of what you have typed is emotive crap, I can't sort it out into anything rational.

The very language you have used denies any claim you  might make to a rational and objective view on this Govt (and I didn't vote for them before you accuse me). Whatever you think of them, they were voted in on a large majority.

This govt doesn't abhor business - it's dropped tax on business, introduced PFI (which the Tories didn't have the guts to do), and if it's pissed off the Unions, then it can't be too left wing! It's released the Bank of England to set interest rates, I could go on and on.

I disgaree with a lot of it's policy, particularly on education but I have no problem with it's grasp of business.

I don't understand why you're inciting people to rise up against them - rise up against what? The lowest interest rates we've had in a long time, the lowest unemployment we've had in a long time?

You  have come across as a ranting bigot with statements based on not a lot of evidence. You are really going to have to do better than that if you want your point of view taken seriously.
...Whatever you think of them, they were voted in on a large majority.

Lab 43%
Con 33%
LibDem 19%
Others 5%


Lab 43%
NOT Labour 57%

How is that a large majority?

Anyway, re Wooperts comments;  Emotive maybe, but that's how things get when people see their country being torn apart at the seems and replaced by a system where criminals, terrorists, immigrants, single parents, the idle and all the other undesirables are given preferrential treatment, status and protection over the law-abiding, hard-working majority of British people.....

Low interest rates and unemployment?.....whoopee f*ing doo.....

Get a grip on reality.

"their country being torn apart at the seems and replaced by a system where criminals, terrorists, immigrants, single parents, the idle and all the other undesirables are given preferrential treatment, status and protection over the law-abiding, hard-working majority of British people..... "

1. Criminal and terrorists - I assume you are talking about the right to a fair trial and the concept of innocent until proven guilty - two of the cornerstones of a democracy and the basis of our judicial system - I take it you have a viable alternative? No? Really.

2. Immigrants - make up a very small fraction of the population. I am white, Scottish/English/German/Italian/Irish - which I think is probably not dissimilar to most of the GB population - where's the origin of your DNA?

3. Single parent - well, that would be me then. I haven't claimed unemployment benefit ever - are you suggesting that I am an unfit citizen? - and why would that be? Or don't you have a rational explanation for that either?

4. Idle and undesirables - well, can't help you out there I'm afraid - there are so many people in and out of uniform that wear those particular tags...

so that leaves us with...........what exactly?

Right to fair trial?  All well and good.  No, I'm talking about paltry sentencing and how well they are treated when sentenced - like hotel guests.....  And what of rights for the victim? - criminals are being wrapped in cotton wool...


Blair's 'government' talk a tough talk on terrorism yet they have the audacity to base that stance on their farcical handling of Northern Ireland.....terrorists in Parliament anyone?....


I am white with Scottish/German/Norwegian/Irish ancestry.  Agreed, that is not too dissimilar to most of the GB population.  However, I am not talking about race (or were you trying to imply something?) - it's a question of space and the financial means to support large numbers of immigrants (of any creed and colour).  This government is actively encouraging a mass influx of people who have no genuine claim to 'asylum' and then is affording them privilege and financial assistance to which they have no right.

Single parents

Apologies, I should have been more precise.  What is objectionable is the financial policies that actively encourage teenage housing, benefits etc etc.  Labour has also directly attacked the institution of marriage by making it financially on a par with co-habitation.  You spoke of 'cornerstones', well marriage and the family unit are one of society's cornerstones.


Who mentioned unemployed?  I said 'idle'.  

I could go on but what it all boils down to in the end is that this 'government' is so desperate to be seen to support the minority, the so-called 'hard-done-by' and the foreigner that it is ignoring the needs and desires of the majority of the people of Great Britain. :mad:


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