An Apology

Discussion in 'ACF' started by k13eod, Jan 22, 2009.

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  1. For those of you who use this forum, I must apologise for inadvertently causing the ACF Faq thread to be locked. I would have apologised on the original thread but that has now been locked as a direct result of my post. I posted what I thought was inoffensive and valid comments on the thread but apparantly this was seen as 'sanctimonious drivel' and 'whinging'. My post was not intended to be a whinge but merely observations and it certainly wasn't meant to be 'sanctimonous'. Sorry that it appeared to be drivel. And further sorry that I took offence at the remark that I was a 'groomer' that was posted by another user and pm'd the moderators to have the remark removed. I appreciate that they have far better things to do.
  2. Ah yes. Just read it. Oh well, shoite happens!
  3. mwl946

    mwl946 LE Good Egg (charities)

    Ditto Blackrat - we all live and learn on this site.

    (and good morning to you, Sir)
  4. My missus was a brown owl in the girl guides, where to I post support for that particular youth club so that I can get torn asunder in such a dramatic way?
  5. I shouldn't unless you can accept the 'banter' that comes with it along with the poisonous pm's from the mentally deluded :roll:

    Just do as I will from now on; only post in the NAAFI and offer no advice/criticism/genuine beliefs ... and under no circumstance be offended.
  6. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I'm offended that you think I would be offended.

    Fair play to you though.
  7. If I look really, really hard I can just see your tongue poking through your cheek there.
  8. Let's stick with the 'Brown owl' theme eh? Got any pictures?
  9. Right, that's crayoning, why wont the mods step in and do something about this offensive stuff. To the hole, walt, coat, taxi, new keyboard needed. etc. etc.
  10. That said ... I do feel I have one last right to reply .... to the moderator who chose to lock the thread and chose to crayon remarks within my post, remarks intended to belittle me rather than add value.

    It did rather amuse me as it reminded me of the officers who see fit to red pen the written work of SNCOs and WOs for the simple reason that they should do. Usually the type of officer to be seen wandering around camp with a Labrador which is four times more intelligent than themselves:

    Thanks for that explanation of what is required from a moderator. I do not recall pm-ing you to demand immediate action but rather politely requesting that the post should be removed. No doubt your busy day job was a slow office day yesterday as you seem to have had plenty of time to respond. As for reaching down and finding a pair, I already did and trust me they are big enough. As for taking it personally, I never did and I engage in banter as much as the next guy in the appropriate forums. Foolish of me to find being referred to as a ‘groomer’ on a cadet thread inappropriate.

    Personally I try not to generalise when dealing with people and don’t place them into narrow minded categories. I assume (from your later comments) that you place me in the second category. I can assure you that you are wrong and I shall be wearing a blue beret … I’ll save the sand coloured one for Remembrance shall I? Some of us may very well have a ‘shit shoveller third grade job’ when compared to your highly privileged occupation but at least we try to contribute.

    Obviously there is only the one uber-mod in this forum and I bow to your God-like prowess. I was unaware there really was an ARRSE HQ but well done on your staff appointment and ability to set the rules. I’ve wiped the tears Darling but trust me they are truly those of a crocodile. Still you do score 10/10 for these comments in the highly un-original category.

    We have to see how functionally useless or not I might be. Not really for you to judge is it?

    I was under the impression that there were only so many MTDs one can claim per year irrespective of turn out? Sorry to burst your bubble but not every one is as money motivated as you may think.

    Oh dear, I made a spelling error … that would be a first for anyone on ARRSE wouldn’t it? Check your own comments as there are at least ten spelling mistakes without bothering to mention grammar.

    Very keen but then again, you are such an expert that you might know that an AI is issued limited kit. Would you suggest that I deploy on a weekend in the field minus boots and sleeping bag, with nothing to cook on and nothing to eat it with? So you would run an exercise under training with issued kit only? I guess you have very little practical experience of training in the field.

    Really? Mike Golden being a fool who failed training and then bigged himself up as a paratrooper. Please check my other posts and you might find that I have never claimed to have done anything in my 24 years service or 8 years outside that I never actually did.

    Of course temporarily locked actually refers to locked for long enough for anyone else to see just how clever you’ve been. None of this whinging elsewhere? You need to look in some of the other threads occasionally ... oh I forgot … your too busy. A shame that you couldn’t just act like a moderator and delete the post you didn’t like or as a member add your comments in a post rather than trying to belittle.

    I imagine this thread now has a life expectancy of less than two minutes before it is deleted, sent to the hole or crayoned on and locked.
  11. Yeah, yeah, whatever have you got any photo's of 'Brown Owl' or not?
  12. Yes you do......

  13. That's some fine deconstructive analysis right there.
  14. BTW ... I don't take offence at those mocking my disability. I can hide my disability by wearing trousers. How do you feel about having to hide yours everyday with a mask?
  15. In the ACF, AI's trousers are known as socks.