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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by goodmenall, Sep 8, 2008.

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  1. I posted a thread which some of you may have seen the other day which breached site rules in as much as it published the real name of someone claiming to be an ex Brit Special Services Member. I apologize for that and fully respect the mods decision to remove that post.

    However, I felt no concern in doing so originally as the person concerned announced ery loudly to myself and anyone within earshot at a crowded pub that he was ex Brit Special Forces and before that ex NZ SAS. Which to my mind indicated that he would rather everyone in the world know of his glorious service past rather than keep it quiet for reasons of personal security.

    This was by the way the first time I had met this person!!

    My concern is that this particular behaviour is not the only manifestation of a warped individuality he displays and unfortunately I was introduced to him as the new partner of my ex wife, and he is a man who babysits my 7 and 8 year old when they are in her care.

    I would greatly appreciate any assistance should anyone know how I am able to get a simple yes or no verification of his service with Brit Special Forces without his consent as I can give you a written gaurantee he will not sign a SAR form :)

    Once again, my apologies for breaching site rules and etiquette.

  2. We thank you,

    Now fxxk off.
  3. you got kids Josey? You know they're safe 100% of the time as they are not living with some psychopath? Thanks for the assistance.
  4. mate ask in the walt thread in the NAAFI.
  5. There is no chance of getting a reference from this site. Confront him about it. Ask HIM to prove it. Do you really want to leave your kids with a walt, a liar, or worse? This is a situation not solved by the internet, but just by common sense.
    If you don't trust him, don't ******* trust him!
  6. Already handed him a SAR form and asked him to sign it. Refused and said he didn't care if I don't believe him. Even put my wifes name and address as the recipient, he just said he'd think about it, but left the form with me :)
    I'll try the walt thread in the NAAFI too, thank you for your input, all helps!
  7. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    I use Sars all the time .. & I don't keep them to hand out to any random punter I meet in a pub. As Josey says Fcuk off.
  8. For fecks sake, how many times do I have to apologise? Okay, I was in the wrong gobbing off but I'd had a few pints and I was upset about Dinger, Nobby and Reg the Fijian getting it in the Stan/Iraq/High Wycombe (delete where applicable). I've already given you General Golding's contact details at Hereford Lines to check my bona fides. What more do you want? I could give you the contact details for my ex-CO, Maj Caubeen, in P Squadron (Tanks) but it'd impact on OpSec and, besides, he's the ghostwriter on my soon to be published book, Hat Troop, X Squadron: The Real Story.

    I can't sign the SAR because once your ex finds out what I've done as an underwater knife fighter, she'll bin me. And the kids might not respect their new dad..............

    Pisstaking aside, get legal advice about his suitability to look after your kids and shaft him with an injunction. Failing that, just tw@t him in front of the other boozers in the pub and let them know why.

    If this is a true story, I'd be kicking the cnut into a cocked hat. As Kenny Rogers might say "sometimes you have to fight to be a man".
  9. Thought you were great on the box today.

    КаКакого цвета boathouse в Hereford эти дни и почему гусыни всегда летает на юг на зима?
  10. Yellow in my day :)
  11. I have children. They are safe because they are with me.

    End of story.

    Do a BOFO !

    Book off and fxck off !
  12. All that time in the desert jinxy - makes you colour blind.

    Josey, this isn't a subtle way of advertising your new child-minding service, is it?!
  13. Actually, my blindness has fook all to do with deserts :)
  14. Social Services? I know they're fecking useless but it's worth a try

    The courts? If you believe the bloke is unsuitable to act as a step father to your children, then ask citizen's advice or a solicitor for advice.

    There are more creative ways to find out a person's background, such a getting someone in the know to offer him work and then getting him to fill in an application form showing his background. A private investigator would probably help you out for a few hundred sobs.

    Speaking from experience, move on with your life mate, forget this bloke who's now doing the business with your ex and start drinking somewhere else. If your missus has custody then the court obviously thought her a fit parent and he's feck all to do with that, he's not their father, you are, endex.
  15. Just be the dad, always, never let them down. Keep contact, no matter what shit is put in the way. Always let them no you are there for them.

    Worked for me...........................................................Been a single daddy with 2 teenage girls for 5 years

    I want out now, thank you!
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