An American version of Sandhurst?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by yank_eyetie, Jun 22, 2012.

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  1. Yanks may start winning wars if they did adopt a Sandhurst model of commissioning officers.
  2. To be fair, recent history shows their officer corps possessed the ability to adapt doctrine far better than ours.
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  3. Why? We don't.
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  4. We don't when they are in charge.
  5. Not a particularly convincing argument, bud.
  6. Although quite true.
  7. Granted.
  8. MND(SE) had a British commander. We still lost Basra.

    Supreme Commander in World War 2 was a Yank and we won that.
  9. Iraq was a US war.
  10. And we lost our bit of it then did a runner whereas the Yanks stayed in the fight.
  11. and they lost and did a runner as well, but losing more and more men and women before accepting they were not getting anywhere. US dictated policy of the Iraq war and how it would be fought, as they do in Afghanistan.
  12. I suppose that's easier than admitting we lost our war without any help from the Yanks, yes.
  13. It wasn't our war.
  14. Basra was. We held the command of the area. I don't think the Yanks told us to go and sit on the airport and leave the city to get on with life, did they? That would have come from our government who didn't want to see casualties (AKA bad news) coming from a war we were already planning on running away bravely from.