An American spied for Israel


Former head of the Mossad espionage agency MK Danny Yatom on Wednesday said the arrest Tuesday of a former United States Army mechanical engineer on charges that he spied for Israel over 20 years ago had touched a nerve with Washington.

"I think what primarily bothers the Americans is the feeling that Israel didn't tell them the whole truth two decades ago, in 1985, when the Pollard affair exploded," Yatom told Army Radio.

Ben-Ami Kadish, 84, was to be charged with slipping classified documents about nuclear weapons, fighter jets and air defense missiles to an Israeli Consulate employee who also received information from convicted spy Jonathan Pollard, authorities said.

Kadish acknowledged his spying in FBI interviews, and said he acted out of a belief that he was helping Israel, court papers said

Yatom added: "The Americans asked if there are additional people that Israel ran or are running in the United States. The answer, to the best of my knowledge, was always no," Yatom said.


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I'm sure there is a point to this revelation Sergey, but until you get to it, do a Google on Teddy Kollek, or 'Mr Jeruselem' to his friends. Who are damned few in number these days.

Oh, and the Det were run by lizard creatures who live under Lake Geneva. I have proof.
And Barry now wants to hand Pollard back so Bibi will make nice and continue talking with The Pals, because nothing seems to be working and Bibi is all cross.

In TDB Israeli Spy Would Accept Release In Mideast Deal, which is nice as

Of course this has caused outrage in Israel, the the bullying Barry is tieing springing Pollard to the release of some Pal terrorists as part the peace process. Danny Danon, the defense minister threatened to resign. Let my people go why don't ya, the poor schmuck was only a Naval Intelligence employee stealing US secrets and trading them openly with anyone who'd pay.

A country with less trouser bulging chutzpah would let Pollard rot as embarrassingly he did while in their employ but instead the Israelis and Bibi in particular, have been wanting back for decades. A US spy they tried to trade for him refused the deal. In a tasteful gesture they names a settlement in Arab East Jerusalem after him.

Strangely some folks in DC, even some very good friends of Israel, are not best pleased as Pollard's a pretty major traitor is being traded for essentially sweet FA:
Exclusive: U.S. Intel Committee Chiefs Blast Deal for Israeli Spy

Ketchup magnet diplomacy at its finest.

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