An American during the Falklands War

I was working on Ascension Island before, during and after the Falklands War. Met many a british troop, helped a many a British troop, broke bread with many a British troop, had many a drink with British troops, and took many a British troop on check-out dives as I was the Dive BSAC Instructor on Ascension during that time. Any of you out there..?
So it was you, was it? :D :D :D

Not me, I was in Belize. I was on ASI between 82 and 84 a couple of times but mainly for a 4-6 week period installing base plates for RHAG on the massive runway. Not a bad tour.
I'm not familiar with the name, I lived in the tents up at Happy Valley. I'm a little bit blurred, celebrating LFC doing Ferguson up the hoop today, come on you REDS!


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joe, So you will know Airmiles andy then?. I was on Ascension only twice, landing craft drill,s and to get a VC10 back to old blighty. Thought only The RAF, RAOC and Sigs were posted there during the shooting war?
Concertina city was named for the instant portable barracks that were spread out (hence concertina organ) housing about 20 British troops at a time. When they were compressed they were about 10 feet wide, after un-compressing they were about 45 feet wide with everything from bunks to bathroom. It was really quite amazing, air conditioning, toilets, and few of them even had laundry facilities. They were on the north west side of the Island and about there were about 40 of them. They were set up to house British troops being processed to go down to the FALKLANDS. Some (troops) spent a day or two there, some spent weeks there, some spent ther entire tour there on Ascension. They were right next to my American Barracks. To be honest, they were all flown down in C5-A's by us Americans to help out. Of course during the time, America was not helping the Brits during the Falklands war, but I know better.......
My goodness, yes... Prince Andrew came down during that time, as a matter of fact, he had a picture taken with my future wife at the two boats school (she was a teacher there) on Ascension. I thin it made the local-yokel newspapers back in the UK...
went back 5 years ago to do some diving [bosunbird island/triangles/comfortess/TSR/Derby/Soudan et.,] and was amazed that Jim the Saint on the Base who imported the diving kit from Patrick in FL was still there and still diving. Oh, and the Crays and Grouper still tasted delicious!
I walked inot the Volcano Bar and I swear the same guys from 14 years before were sitting there. [In some cases it was!] I assume from your Moniker that you were the Base Commander's sidekick. We also lived in Twoboats Village. That's all from me chum or we will bore the NAAFI arrsers to death. Anything else, PM me

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