An American-British-Parachute-Regiment-Airsofting-Walt

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by RoyalAnglianCadet, Dec 28, 2011.

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  1. I'm sure many of you lovely chaps will be familiar with the infamous American airsofting organisation the "Cimmerians" (Cimmerians Airsoft Association -- The Cimmerians), I was having a nice laugh flicking through their "Operational photos" when I come across this parawalt.jpg

    It is hard to resist punching the grinning idiot on the bottom right, although what a fine example of beret molding that is!
    Although sadly I couldn't hunt out who the offending walt is, I still thought this little gem was worth sharing...

    A big pat on the back to anyone that can successfully guess what nation they are pretending to be from, oh and its not Britain
  2. Not difficult. The stripey T shirt gives it away.
  3. ^^ he's a wise one, I realised that was rather a blatent giveaway after posting, ah well
  4. Dave Reeves ?
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  5. If I can stick my meat in the blonde birds hoop (she's already in the position to get it half way) I'll really try hard to get it right! She's not a looker, just looks like she's very easily (must be for airsoft) led.
  6. H3

    H3 LE

    Umm I call Serbia ...... As for Airsofters .... Let them have their fun as I think their all a bunch of geeks who are fed up of gaming online .

    Plus some fecker must be cashing in big time as their Toys cost ££££££
  7. Careful....she might 'bust a cap in yo ass' with her Tommy Gun
  8. It's an airsofter, not a walt. His beret looks like it was shaped by a clueless cadet, was it you OP?
  9. They look surprisingly similar Joey but ol Davy boy was British,
    good luck with that donkey man, although she is probably looser than Katie Price after being surrounded by that lot of hillbillies over long night exercises...
  10. Airsofters have a special corner in Walt world reserved just for their kin...
    I'm rather impressed that we managed three normal replies before the cadet-bashing came out to play, but even some of the most clueless cadets would have struggled to create that masterpiece of idiocy
  11. Exactly. They're not walts, they're very special boys. Now sod off.
  12. airsofting is the "sport" of choice for walts, and I would be any amount of money that atleast half of these chaps claim to be ex forces, sounds rather walty to me, do try not to get your knickers in a twist
  13. Are they from Twatistan?
  14. Nope, Cadets are the 'sport' of choice for walts and paedo's. Which one are you?
  15. Oh dear oh dear, you really are a grumpy sod, as much as I hate to break your angry little thoughts all the cadets are is youth organisation for people that want to join the army to learn about the basics of the army and have a laugh with mates at the taxpayers kind expense, cadets realise they are cadets, not some special force ninjas, so hardly walts...