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An Ambassador for the TA?

If you were going to nominate a 'public face' for the TA, who would you choose?

Someone who champions the cause and could well appear regularly in the press.

Are there MTDs in it? If so .....
It wouldn't be you, if that's what you're asking. Not with a location like that.... ;)

Someone who had been in the reserve forces, someone who would command respect from soldier and civilian (the defence secretary is supposed to champion our cause in government, and nobody likes him...)

Matthew Croucher? No arguing over his courage or commitment.
How about this guy:

sorry, couldn't resist.
londonirish said:
David Davies, Davis, Davies David, David Davis, ......

That bloke Dave from the Tories and 21
I'm afraid it has to be the capo di tutti capo for me...

Baron Castleshortt :D


Book Reviewer
Sparky2339 said:
I'm afraid it has to be the capo di tutti capo for me...

Baron Castleshortt :D
Capo di Tutti Frutti more like.

The problem with a politician like David Davis is that they are identified with a political party and this will inherently influence their public views and will also colour people's perceptions accordingly. A popular and engaging TV figure like Richard Holmes has the potential a wider appeal.
Could it be someone from business?

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