An amazing statement on Al Jazeera television

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Trip_Wire, Aug 3, 2006.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

  2. Old news, but still an amazing interview
  3. she raised so many good points, however i disagree with the statement

    "a jew has never blown himself up in a german returant"

    technically no, however as the stern gang and the irgun have shown, jews are capable of terrorism. although she makes some good points no war is totally one sided, but her remarks re the clash of civilisations were spot on

    the interviewer and the other guests were shocked, clearly not used to being spoken to in that way by a doris

    notice the only retort was to call her a heretic

    also notice how Al jazera seem to think we're involved in a world war between civilisations and here in most of europe and america we dont
  4. I wouldn't like her coming home when I hadn't tidied up and Hoovered.
  5. I wouldn't like to forget her birthday , no siree

    But I'll bet the hearts of a million + Muslim women soared.
  6. very interesting. i like how the interviewer listened reasonably to what she had to say, until she said she was not "a christian or a muslim or a jew". at which point he called her a heretic, told her that her opinion wasn't worth sh*t and would have stoned her for insolence if it wasn't going out live.
  7. It would certainly take some 'stones' to say that as a woman. The sharia types would not be kind if they got hold of her!
  8. i dont think you need concern yourslef, she looks like she plays for the other team
  9. hmm like said earlier some very good points but still think she may be on the blob
  10. Strong words and not spoken softly either. She has my vote. :D

    Maybe Blair might have a rival that has some balls :lol:

    More power to the woman :p

  11. I totally agree with all her powerful points on allowing others to believe in what they want and with some Muslim countries' backward attitudes to women's rights - but all in the West is not well and Americans and Zionist Jews are proving right now what they are capable of - wanton destruction of innocent lives at home and in Gaza and Lebanon where life appears to hold no value to them. That was also a bit of an exaggeration about Jewish scientists. Still, she's courageous and will have made a few enemies.
  12. Ever considered that might be Mora?
  13. No way. She didn't mention anti-semitism every 10 seconds
  14. That backwards womens rights bit is a bit inconvenient for you liberal lot init, shame that the poor little underdog likes to hang teenage girls who get raped
  15. Eh? Again, in English please?