An all officer QARANC?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by MrNurse, Sep 11, 2006.

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  1. This point was raised in another post, - that other armies such as the Ozzies have an all officer nursing corp. Given the problems the army reportedly has in attracting and retaining qualified nurses might this not be a solution? Have other armies got this right or do we simply have no need for that many officers even given their professional and educational status?

    I'm not in the army, but I though it was an interesting question for anyone who can think of the pros and cons of such an idea. I imagine it has been considered by the powers that be and I'm sure money played a big part in the decision not to do it, but any practical reasons not to I wonder?

    standing by for incomming!

  2. It used to be All Officer and All female. We might just be ahead of the others.
  3. I was told nurses were all officers to dissuade squaddies from molesting them (in First World War era I would point out). Maybe the powers that be believe with equality ladies who are subject to this type of behaviour can just thump anyone who misbehaves - or that men don't behave badly these days :?
  4. True, these other armies are based I believe on our very own, the least they could do in return is keep up.
  5. some of the ones with commissions already are a total joke, lets not water down what is already a poor opinion by the rest of the Army by commissioning all of them.

    Some of the QA officers are bloody good officers others simply should never passed RCB.
  6. And if you give commissions to all nurses you'd have to commission all the ODPs too!
  7. and you really wouldnt want that!
  8. Why?
  9. Good lord!...Why?????
  10. If you granted all nurses a commision surely that would be like granting all nurses in the NHS management and senior posts......and seriously some of them shouldn't be put in charge of a box of flea's let alone actual people!!
    It's a diffucult job being a nursing manager in the NHS (my mother is one) but with the army you have to have military as well as medical skill....and if the army is anything like the NHS not everyone would cope or want to be at that level!!
  11. Ok lets try this. Why not get rid of all separate medical corps. Have a single service for the delivery of care to the Army, keeping sub sections for Medicine, Nursing, PAM's etc. Then only create and commission where appropriate getting rid of 200+ people in the mess and thus creating a officer cadre that can command and do it with the respect it will deserve. Allow officers to command no matter what qualification they are and we might get some decent people at Lt Col rank and above. Just because you are a doctor or a nurse does not mean you know how to command. Yes I am a commissioned nurse but we need good management to get on.
  12. Because with the recent changes to the ODP Profession, they have the same levels of skills as nurses. So logically, if all nurses were to be commissioned due to their skill levels (highly debatable) you'd have to do the same for ODPs and other AHPs.
  13. I've been fed up all day as I injured myself running last night and now face six weeks of physio. However, upon reading your erudite post I haven't managed to stop laughing for, oh, a good twenty minutes now. Cheers! :D
  14. The additional ODP commissions are on the way, probably start advertising next year. At least when they eventually do turn up they will be for ODPs, unlike the CMT commission route of LE MSOs which are usually taken by PT Corps or AGC! :roll:
  15. FF - we'd all like to think that's how it will work. But how long before some space cadet starts coming out with comments like '... does he/she need to be ODP qualified to do this post. After all, non-medics have been really successful in the MSO slots'.

    You know it's coming.