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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, Nov 6, 2008.

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  1. Flicking through some pictures I came across this man. For those that served in Aldershot he needs no introduction, for the uninitiated this man probably caused more cases of the shits than any mad tropical disease!
    You could get scoff on tick if you left your ID card and in the knowledge it was safe as houses.
    He's still about but sadly the finest eaterie in Aldershot isn't.

    Tony - Truly an Aldershot legend!

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  2. Oooooohhh my 1 Para boys...Ilika my 1 Para boys....those 2 & 3 Para boys are not nice to Tony!!!!!
  3. When did it close?

    I was there about 2 years ago and he was still on top form with a good looking daughter behind the counter too.

    Pies stacked 5 x 5 x 5 awaiting kick out . . .
  4. I was there about 2 years ago and he was still on top form with a good looking daughter behind the counter too.

    Yep his youngest daughter was fit as - had to bear in mind though after looking at her mum and older sister it might not last!

  5. Good old Tone! A true right of passage was getting a 'chicken and a mush' with chips after your first night of 'accepted drinking' down the shot.
  6. I bet scrap's inside and out of his shop, was just a way of life for Tony.
  7. Still to be seen in Tesco shopping with his wife; "Allright Myte, ahows-it-goin".
  8. hello boys you wanna your yoush?

    Yeah Tony give me my yoush.

    Ok what isa your yoush?
  9. Sh'it chips in a sh'it town! It was different when the Globe was still there.

    The boozer may have gone, but the scar on my head is still there!
  10. And Paderborn's much better!
  11. WOW!

    Never thought I would see the great man again.
  12. When was the picture taken? I think I recognise the tall bloke at the back.
  13. Not sure mate, I found it on a mates website somewhere.
  14. IIRC it closed about 2005??

    A true post pint culnary delight. Only the Kebab shop down the hill from SJM Bks in Shornecliffe came close as an ale soaker.
  15. I remember Toni's in the early 80's. The ID card rogues gallery behind the counter was a bit of a giveaway to the monkeys tho'

    I remember it all being a 'security issue'.

    Shoite chips if you were sober tho' (but how often did anybody end up in Toni's sober?).

    'Chipsanafishmaytewhotkinasoss?' - He should have been a codewriter at GCHQ!