An Ailing Britain

An Ailing Britain
Brown's Government faces serious challenges
Michael Werbowski (minou)
Published 2009-09-17 09:56 (KST)
Gordon Brown’s Britain is limping along economically and socially, a year after the collapse of the New York brokerage firm, Lehman Brothers.

Here in in the center of Manchester (once the mighty capital of the nation’s manufacturing base) there are many blocks of flats to let, luxurious condo developments stand idle and new construction sites are abandoned. “To let” and rental signs abound. The country seems to still be reeling for the economic meltdown which is now a prolonged downturn.

Those locals I spoke to in the pubs, museums and tea rooms seem somewhat dejected by the current state of affairs. Their attitude is almost fatalistic, as if the economic climate was inevitable.

Britons are grapping with the side effects of the current global down turn; a dropping Pound (which is approaching parity with the Euro), arrears in their debts, increasing taxes, a bloated budget deficit -- estimated at 175 billion Pounds Sterling this year -- and perhaps most dire, increasing unemployment. Recently announced figures in the news say nearly 2.5 million people are out of work.

Meanwhile, trade unions are vilifying the British Prime Minister. They fear Brown will make huge cuts to government spending or curtail public services. As people lose their jobs, the public sector is also under a hiring freeze.

Brown admitted in front a union congress gathering this week, that cuts will be made sooner or later. "The road to recovery is still fragile,” he said “People’s livelihoods and homes and savings are still hanging in the balance and so today I say to the British people: don’t allow anyone to put the recovery at risk."

Brown was likely warning the unions against resistance to the cuts or strike actions.

"Brown had one last chance to win over the trade unions and blew it," Union leaders responded. "He has the look of a beaten man."

The days of Labour Party leadership of Brittan seem limited. Newspapers and columnists are predicting general elections for next year. It looks as if the Blair/Brown era is entering a fin de regime mode.

The Tory party is already gearing up for general elections. David Cameron and his shadow government are waiting for the higher job losses, lower spending, and, on the foreign front more British casualties in Afghanistan.

It appears quite bleak for Brown. How he can revive his party’s fortunes and his own dwindling popularity is a mystery.

Perhaps an even more ominous development during this downturn is the rise of racism and anti immigrant sentiment.

The excesses of capitalism and globalization which ruled the world since the fall of the Berlin wall ushered in the concept of open borders. The economic downturn might be the end of this phenomenon. Britain’s immigrant population is feeling resentment from locals; fewer jobs mean more social tensions.

Birmingham recently saw race riots took place. Far right nationalist elements clashed in the streets with Muslim youths. The authorities warn that these types of incidents might become nationwide phenomena.

Growing social unrest is an issue yet to be addressed by the Brown’s cabinet. Perhaps this is because of all the other issues his government is addressing: disgruntled unions, unemployment and many Britons who would like to see their country get back on its feet again.
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Thank you to the American Banking system ...... but what's your point as that's a normal day here in Great Britain :wink:
We Canadians feel left out :) - I know I'm an ex-pat so shut it :D

Recession over - two months ago, total cost of Gov recession spending - less than $60 billion.

I think I'll go out and buy meself a new car - and a boat.
old cyclops is trained to the highest standard and thankfully achieved exactly what he and those over Liabor fuckwits wanted to achieve- a****ed up UK!

He is a cuntus maximus!
Spank-it said:
We Canadians feel left out :) - I know I'm an ex-pat so shut it :D

Recession over - two months ago, total cost of Gov recession spending - less than $60 billion.

I think I'll go out and buy meself a new car - and a boat.

Tw@t :D
You wanna come over here to buy a boat, they are getting cheaper by the week!

BRITAIN has run out of money, the man who prints it said last night.

Bank of England governor Mervyn King urged everyone to take his word for it and that if they didn't believe him he could show them the big room where he keeps it all.

Mr King's comments have put him on a collision course with prime minister Gordon Brown who last night insisted the Great Money Forest of Hampshire would soon be in bloom, promising a bumper harvest of ripe, crisp tenners.

But Mr King told a committee of MPs yesterday: "If anyone is still inclined to agree with the prime minister's magical Hampshire forest theory, I would advise you to open your wallet, get out a ten pound note and read it.

"You will notice that across the top, in large, capital letters, it says 'Bank of England'. Well, I'm the boss of that.

"And if I can draw your attention to the bottom left hand corner, you will see that it's signed by someone called the 'Chief Cashier'. That's right, you've guessed it, he works for me.

"If you then turn it over you will see there is also a portrait of the eminent scientist Charles Darwin, who, if he was alive today, would undoubtedly agree with my assessment, what with him not being a complete bloody idiot."

Mr King added: "I might be persuaded to print a little bit more money later in the year so that RBS can give Sir Fred Goodwin enough cash to finally buy his own volcano, but that is absolutely it."

A Downing Street spokesman said: "Everyone in the world agrees with the prime minister that we need to keep spending loads more money - except the Conservatives. And the Bank of England. And the CBI. And the French and the Germans and the European Central bank. Look just fcuk off, alright?"

Daily Mash
Spank-it said:
We Canadians feel left out :) - I know I'm an ex-pat so shut it :D

Recession over - two months ago, total cost of Gov recession spending - less than $60 billion.

I think I'll go out and buy meself a new car - and a boat.
Don't forget your large screen plasma TV.
Extremist said:
Oh check out the gloating yanks and canucks!

It could happen to any country with a Gordon Brown you know!
Maybe our cousins to the frozen north are gloating but I assure you there is very little gloating herein septic land, except perhaps among the 60's radicals set who have now come full circle occupying positions of power in the very government of the nation they professed to hate.

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