An Act of God?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by crabtastic, Jun 16, 2010.

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  1. Fcuk me, that's a bit severe! Couldn't he have just docked his pocket money or grounded him?
  2. Cue Jesus reminiscing with his mates down the pub, "And when we got 'ome, Ooor Dad used to cut us in two wi' lightning bolt!"
  3. Heard this report on the wireless last night & also stated the insurance company refuse to pay out due to:

    'act of god'

    Same lame excuse used during the Vocanic ash disruption

    Insurance companies have their Ace card well set in place to ensure Gurantee'd non payment!!
  4. The original looked like a reference to some little-known parable about Jesus not walking on water, so God went extrajudicial on it to protect His 'brand'. Now it looks like a set from Terminator 7; The Zimmer Frame Franchise.
  5. Insurance companies should call it an 'act of Allah' mainly to get the usual subjects foaming at the mouth.

    Do I hear Old Colonial kick starting his belt-fed lips?
  6. That phrase has always bothered me, what if you don't believe, how can something that you don't believe in be responsible??
  7. An act of non-linear dymanics/chaos :?

  8. Well if they insist it is an act of god then surely that makes the church liable as god's representatives on Earth, question which one do you sue, and would they back down and pay because by not paying out and questioning it would then deny that god exists therefore leading to a breakdown of the Christian church
  9. I think if you type 'Act of God' into an insurance company's word processing system it translates as, 'Sh1t happens, get your own chequebook out'.
  10. Maybe its a sign the world is coming to an end? Its all because of gay marriage and muslims :twisted: .

    I'm going to go and beat myself for other peoples sins now
  11. Entirely

    The statue was to art what Dog the Bounty Hunter is to Sartorial elegance.