Amy Winehouse..Would you, Well...Would you?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ali_Gee, Nov 14, 2008.

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  1. Amy Whinehouse was caught legless outside her house by the paparazzi, not that I agree with what they do, I used to think of her as worth throwing one up but bloody hell!

    edited for Cr@p spelling of Paparazzi, pepperazzi, paprazi...buggerit, more wine!
  3. keith richards is looking a bit better these days.

  4. Looks a bit like that bloke off little britain (not the fat queer one)
  5. fcuking hell, that image will stay with me for a long time, she has gone way down hill completely lost it.
  6. Probably not. It is almost certain that the amount of beer goggles required to make me think she was attractive would also be enough to ensure I was incapable.
  7. Martin from Oslo says "She'll be fine... what many of you commenters really need to worry about is your prejudgmental selves."

    Well I think I can live with being a bigoted, miserly, snobbish misanthrope. Thank you for the concern though Marty.

    As for Ms. Winehouse, well, with her constant insistence to take substances that encourage her to do a somewhat amusing impression of a sailor on the rocky seas, she's not going to fair too well in the long term. I think our Norwegian friend is attempting to validate her (and his own) drug intake, I hear they don't really have anything else to do in Norway.
  8. I'm not sure I could drink enough lager to make it look even remotely screwable
  9. I wouldn't touch her with a bag of stolen dicks
  10. THIS is what I had in..errr...mind? :roll:
  11. Not even a blowjob. Not for all the tetnus jabs in China would I let her mouth near my rod. I'm sure I'd even catch something alien from a mere harmless handjob too.
  12. This is what she was like

    Ungratful self deserving celeb mong didnt even make a decent homemade film before she started taking the white powder of death.

    on a more serious note, fcuking journo scum of all the 12092029121 pics they took of her that hour they pick the worst and write a shitty article with words such as "tragic, what a waste" but no fcuker is helping her.

    (not that i care at all lads) :p
  13. Yes endless. There's suffocation, strangulation, drowning etc. etc. etc. If only I could find more drunk celebs that are on my most hated list the world would be a better place.
  14. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I imagine it would be like shagging a rancid dishcloth soaked in vinegar.

    you'd need to have a farewell party for your cokc - you can only think it would rot off after it got within jizzing distance of the diseased crack hooer.
  15. Oi! did you call my pint a whooer?