Amy Winehouse - Legend??

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by slipperman, Jul 25, 2011.

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  1. OK,
    We have had the usual grief fest and sick jokes-type threads on her recent demise, but I would like to sound out fellow Arrsers on her so-called iconic status as a musical artist (hence the forum). As the father of a 27 year old daughter (leave off, she is spoken for! :) ), I can empathise with her family, who must be shattered by her death. However, I am a bit miffed by all the "legend" comments appearing in today's press. It may be a sign of old age, but I don't rate any of her musical output as great and I personally don't think she will be remembered in years to come as an artist who radically changed the music scene or influenced many other artists (a sign of true genius).
    A decent voice, granted, but "legend"? Leave it out.
    I suspect similar tributes to appear if and when Pete Doherty decides to check out early and in that case, it would be a major p*ss take!

    Now, if you want to check out a female artist who checked out early, who happened to be unique and with an almost unbelievable back-story, google a certain Judee Sill.
  2. Ill see your Judee Sill. and raise you a Karen Carpenter .
  3. Not your age mate, I've just turned 24 and even if she hadn't been a druggie waste of space, I'd still have thought her music was utter crap.
  4. I understand that this isnt the NAAFI and you probably wanted a semi-serious answer but we really cant pass judgement on Wino's title as a legend until we see pictures of your 27 year old daughter.

    Its the ARSSE way.
  5. Maybe Eva Cassidy. She had a voice with perfect pitch like Karen C.

    But she didn't die from inbibing all the shit that Amy Winelodge did.
  6. Her 'Back to Black' was ok. It was being played in my local branch of Asda the othere day so I suppose she could be said to achieved some sort of status!
  7. Fair call, they were compared to each other at one stage. However, in my opinion, Judee was a more accomplished song writer and musician. Both tragic life stories.

    The Wolf - fook off!! Answer the question if you want to join the thread! :)
  8. Was she **** a legend, fair enough she could sing but I can't see any way in which she is a legend.

    I liked how clips from her music videos were used when talking about her on the news tonight instead of her live gigs where she could barely stand, slurred her words and forgot which song she was supposed to be singing.
  9. She was nowhere NEAR legendary yet...but who knows what she could have achieved if she'd been clean! I liked her voice and drug free maturity could only have improved it!
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  10. Legend? She'll be forgotten by most people in a few years

    Elvis was a legend

    Jim Morrison was a legend

    Hendrix was a legend

    The Beatles were legends

    Winehouse was nothing to them
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  11. I tend to agree that she wasn't as good as she hinted she might have been. Good yes but not exactly the legend she is being portrayed as.

    Oh and we definitely need to see your daughter's tits, come on show some respect for the dead!
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  12. She's been mentioned alongside, Hendrix Joplin, Holiday, Morrison etc. B*llox! Best video she was in was then one her mate filmed of her smoking crack.
  13. I should have left the reference to my daughter out of the OP! I should have known.
    Back on thread, there doesn't appear to much support for Miss Winehouse's so-called legendary status. Big Bird, that was never going to happen, was it?
  14. Wasn't she on some committee or other with Lord Longford?
  15. Never understood the hype over The Beatles. Their music at first, was shit pop, they slightly improved when they all became smackheads but then reverted to shit when they all went solo tbh. Lenon was the best but that isn't saying much.
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