Amy Winehouse Jokes

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, Jul 24, 2011.

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  1. so anyone got any good amy winehouse jokes as i'm bored of all the slush on different websites of her untimely death & loss of a great muscian etc!
  2. Police today have issued a statement that the grief whores visiting the Camden address stay behind the white line, its Pete Dochertys and no one elses...
  3. Police have just discovered that the reason of death was due to the coke not being kosher certified and the dealer being of the Muslim faith by the name of Abu Latifa Al Khanzir yahud.
  4. Alex higgins and George best are very happy they just found out heaven is getting a wine house.
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  5. third post in and you manage to fuck this thread up,

    you are not only a oxygen thief, and you are a chronic

  6. Elton john is to sing candle under the spoon at her funeral
  7. [video=youtube;pTW7byH2ij0][/video]
  8. News of Amy Winehouse's death travelled with such speed. When I heard I couldn't help but crack up with emotion. She was a real heroin. It's such a blow. She really made a hash of things though. Her life just went to pot. Someone should have kept tabs on her.
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  9. I struggle to believe that she was a 'Self Harmer' though.

    She was so fucking irritating, she must have been able to find someone else to do it for her.
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  10. Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson walk into a pub, the barman says sorry we don't serve spirits here.
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  11. They Tried to make me go to rehab but I said beep....beep....beeeeeeeee​eeeeeeeeeeeeep
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  12. love your acid wit ;-)
  13. E's so good.
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  14. What's the difference between Amy Winehouse and a moped.

    The moped can reach 30.
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  15. Elton John will perform at Amy Winehouse's funeral with a beautiful rendition of Candle Under The Spoon.
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