Amy Chefs Team for Salon Culinaire

Out of curiosity does anyone know who runs the team for Salon Culinaire. Seem to remember it was Major Danny McDermid a few years ago. Reason I ask is I won a few medals on a few occasions at this competition years ago and also did some demonstrations at Army School of Catering (ice carving etc) so wondered whether could be of further assistance.

In my time 1960/61 WO2 Pip Parvin Acc was in charge, Instructors for larder entries and cakes and Pastriage were Civilian austrian refugee chefs paul and freddy pfisterer,Iforget who the pulled sugar instructor was, David Dodds and NMH Smith walked away with gold medals for cakes,I Believe Doddy went on to make Annes and charles wedding cakes and numerous royal christening cakes,that year yours truly got commended on the table of honeur.Icrossed palette knives in later table of honour competitions inthe the farelf and germany, with doddy and tom sillett.
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