Amusing thread on RP

Airfix said:
Detonator said:
Tis a wah! Any self-respecting 14 year old son of a squaddie, wouldn't be rumaging through her smalls in the the chest of draws, he'd be sniffing the gussets of said smalls in the laundry basket!!! :twisted:
Thats what I thought. Then I read down... Looks like he's been filling them up too! Good lad I say!

Firstly, I am 99% sure that it isn't my daughter; it never happens when he is away at school, and unless it is some elaborate plan for her to land her brother in the sh*t, which is so out of character for her, I find it unlikely. Secondly, some of the articles in the basket have had stuff on them that no girl could do..
Unless she finds one of her toys back in her drawer smelling like his arrse, leave him be for christ sakes. If anything, poor drills for not having been caught wiping his knob all over the curtains.
Aw.Bless. :)
Buy him a set of 5 womens knickers of his own.
Wear them for one day each
Wrap them up into a nice package, complete with spiderman paper, ribbons and bow.
Leave outside his bedroom door.
Say nowt.
Let him trundle through his teenage years sniffing away in the privacy of his bedroom to his heart's content.
La Senza and future girlfriends/wife in years to come, will be forever grateful to that lady's sensitive handling of a young lads sexual development. :D
is his dad a booty? if so.... completely natural and 99% chance they've already had 'that' chat about dressing in women's clothing.... being caught having a w@nk in your mom's bed wearing her nickers..... class! if not the hugest wah I've seen in a long time.... classic!

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