Amusing survey about agnostic, atheists and religious types

Survey: Atheists, Agnostics Know More About Religion Than Religious : The Two-Way : NPR

(This post is shamelessly stolen from another forum I frequent)

As it turns out, atheists and agnostics know more about religion than those who are religious.

Thats right folks, most of us non-believers rejected religion because we actually read it, and found it to be bollox.

Maybe we should encourage religious people to read more of their sacred texts, rather than the same few warm fuzzy verses from John each Sunday?
Probably because we are better read and more intelligent than the followers of sky pixies
But then we are talking about America........


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There in lies your problem. You've read the word of god without the direction of a priest or imman to interpret it for you. You only thought you understood it. In fact you didn't understand it at all.

To understand the word of god requires the simplicity of a child and the complexity of the truly self deluded.
The Irony of the God v Science debate amuses me. On one hand you have Christians of all types saying God and Heaven exists while folk like Richard Dawkins attacks them for being deluded because they believe in something that has never been observed scientifically and there is no proof for except some writings on paper which is supposed to have predicted it.

Then we have Quantum Physicists who propound the multi-verse theory in that multiple universes co-exist in the same point in the space time continuum. They have never been observed scientifically and there is no proof of it except for some writings on paper which is supposed to predict it.

So we have two scenarios which have never been observed but have been predicted to exist yet one of them makes Richard Dawkins foam at the mouth and the other makes creationists foam at the mouth.

Therefore the conclusion I am drawn to is that God is the ultimate Quantum physicist. Richard Dawkins can burn in hell for his intellectual arrogance and narrow mindedness.

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