Amusing SPAM blog

good find msr,

read it and sympathised with him.
something to get through a monday morning with.
Hey, new to posting here, but been reading for a while - been having a look at the US blog, and this morning, it's disappeared?!! 8O

All the links lead back to:

Friday, August 27, 2004
"Ever Get the Feeling You've Been Cheated?"
-last words Johnny Rotten spit
onstage at the Sex Pistols
last gig in 1978.
posted by CBFTW at 7:54 AM

And that's all there is now... strange...


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Yeah....I read it yesterday and today I get my system being blocked by my ISP....somebody put the word out then ?

Shame...the lad done good.
I hope he's ok,it was a bloody good read.

Actually,after he posted that firefight on the blog I thought "Only a matter of time beforethe No Coffee and Twinkies hat on" interview.

Still ,I'm sure we can recover mostof it from :)

NB . Errrr no we can't ,scorched earth there too 8O

However, is still up and 18 hours old

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18 hours ago
If i take something I write off my site, or re-word it, THERE'S PROBABLY A REALLY ******* GOOD REASON WHY I DID THAT! Please, dont be the F-ing moron that goes on the comments section and re-posts what I took down or re-worded. thank you.

Get in before they take it down.Better still,email the guy and thank him,for what has been an outstanding read.

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