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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by msr, Aug 28, 2003.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. page cannot be found = however I remember standing on parade (punishment outside Bradley Sqn lines when welsh gobby AT fullscrew fell into 7 foot deep overflowing shit pit alive with turds etc after bragging that he had mail ( suspect he was the grass that put us all in it) does anybody else remember event
  3. My memory is fairly hazy on this, but I can recall a Sgt tech at 30 Sigs dressing up as 'Big Vern' from Viz for a fancy dress do in the mess, complete with 'sawn off shotgun', two bog roll tubes stuck together. However, having consumed a copious amount of incahol, he went into a bank (in Salisbury?), giving it some Big Vern chat, and ending with 'No bastard copper's going to take me alive' etc etc.
    Went down a hoot with the lads, but plod wasn't amused, and I dread to think what the RSM thought of it. Anyway I seem to remember him being up before the magistrates court.
    Anyone else remember any better details on this, would have been around 1991/1992 - Blandford (I hope)

  4. Used to squirt and get squirted on the arse with BCF extinguishers which as anyone knows is bloody freezing. A twelve by twelve went on fire one exercise and all the extinguishers were empty. Seem to remember there was some kind of enquiry. Nowt to do with me sir. No one hurt thankfully.
  5. when i was at 7 sigs the foot and mouth thingy was going on so exercises had to be done on camp, i was at 16 sigs JHQ . we wasnt allowed to use the cook house there and watching guys go past with chips while eating ration packs was not nice, so i asked a mate who had just re-supplied us water etc etc to go to macdonalds for us. He had no money so decided to stop at the bank on the way, only he forgot that he had his AND someone elses rifles slung over his shoulder and walked straight into the bank only to bump into the RSM . Which was probably lucky as if the police had seen hed have been jailed or worse, RSM took him straight to jail :D which we all found very funny, but somehow he got off :eek:
  6. Vehicle powder extinguishers set off and thrown into your mates cab, usually while he was sitting in it......

    Letting all the air out of your mates wagon air brakes while on ex, and laughing at him while he sits there waiting for his cylinders to fill up as the troop commander is screaming at him to get his arrse into gear.

    Not the best but a good giggle when waiting for end-ex and a shower...
  7. Made Page 3 of THe Sun. E**c S***s. Top lad. Best quote was when he told me about it was
    (Yorky Accent)
    "Tha'dve thought they'dve known it were a wind up when I walked in with a black fella dressed as t'Pink Panther!"
  8. .. There once was a Data Teleg who was known world wide for being ugly.. so when he got a girl back to the block he kept her in his locker for 3 days and fed her on NAAFI growlers....

    ..but she did escape eventually..

    .... Hello B*b if you ever read this...

    Nick Carter
  9. 8O :D 8)
    Surley the story of Deepa the cat has been told?

    It was the result of a fresh PAD being housed in German Accomodation away from the barracks...

    When asked how it was, and how are the neighbours, he replied

    "It's fine, big and spacious the only thing is the curious name the neighbours have given their cat... Deepa?"

    When pushed for further information he added..
    ".. yes we hear the young lady neigbour calling for it most nights.... Deepa... Deepa....!"

    (Of course we asked if they had a dog called "harda"...)

    Nick Carter
  10. Remember the incident about the Tech Sgt well = I used to work part time in the C&A and he and his mateys had been given the afternoon off for some strange reason = it wasnt 2 borgroll bits it was two tent poles taped together - silly arse went in pissed up and told everybody to hit the deck - unfortunately for him there was an off duty plod in the bank ( next to the pub - LLOYDS?) and he was felled and arrested - good techs in them days!
  11. Seem to recall Rugby being involved somewhere - that would explain the time off, ha ha
  12. ..There is the one about a well known Liney in Tidworth in the early 80's...
    Pete P........
    He was quite loud and brash....

    At a Squadron bar party the Brigadiar and his wife were invited and were mixing well when Pete walked up to his wife, sniffed and commented on how lovely she smelled,... she smiled and said what perfume she was wearing and thanked him for his comment. As a return compliment she said Pete smelt nice - and asked what he had on..
    ...He said "Hard on, but didn't know you could smell it"...

    It was hard to stifle a laugh, with Pete being know as a "lad" it was taken in everyones stride..