Amusing crabs marshalling vid.

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by The-Lord-Flasheart, Dec 21, 2007.

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  1. Which was the amusing bit?
  2. The winter nights must just fly by.....
  3. Funny but would like to see the outtakes :D
  4. Outstanding!

    Well done Flashy for finding this for use, now if you don't mind, I have coffee and a chestful of flem to clean off the old lap top!

    Note to CAS: Two tapes to that man for Chrimbo!
  5. 118500 must have been freezing.
  6. You must have watched a different video to me.

    I'd sooner watch the diablo pole display team followed by an afternoon of watching floorboards warping
  7. :D that was brilliant,thanks
  8. Looked like a Gym Queen to me- He was to busy loving himself to be cold!
  9. As much as I appreciate a good laugh, that amount of fcuking about whilst a/c are manevouring leaves me a little uncomfortable. That said, I watched the USAF West Coast Display Team marshalling their F15 and that left me in fits - and they WEREN'T fcuking about. It made my arm-waving look positively homosexual.

  10. Oh dear........ :meditate: :meditate:
  11. What a fecking geek! who give a flying feck...get it? :D :p
  12. Seen better dancing down Tiffs on a friday night
  13. Isn't there a health and safety issue here? Aircraft are dangerous things and he could get sucked off right into an engine or something or impaled on the spike at the front or anything. Bedsides, he looks like a bit of a spaz thereby insulting those of us who can't dance.

    I'm outraged.
  14. Surely there is a regimental tractor and diablo display team in someone's archives.