amusing comments on CRs

I was sitting here pondering after writing part 1 of a CR, what amusing lines have people had in their's in the past?

To start the ball rolling :

Cfn b_s is led astray by two people .... Mr Boddingtons and Mr Mcdonalds.

Cfn b_s is a 'well rounded' personality.

Cfn b_s is fortunate that the QMs department has larger sizes in the clothing store.

hmmmm, common thread here..... Yeah, I'm still a fat tw*t!

Cpl Gliderpilot is an instructor at the local RAF Gliding club. However, as he is so tall its a wonder that he can fit in a glider. :roll:

Its a wonder that I actually got promoted off this CR :D
Part 2 by CO .Sgt ** is one of the Armys best gliders :?

Same CO in front of some Brig during a show and tell..

"Ah, yes SGT ** is one of the Armys best gliders."

To which Sgt ** replied - "No sir thats what I fly, I am a glider pilot".

To which the RSM's head exploded :D
An actual comment on a junior officer's report:

"I believe this officer was commissioned in error".


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Real old chestnut that I read somewhere#

"This medical officer has used my ship to carry his genitals from port to port, and my officers to carry him from bar to bar."

And another I read in the same book

"Works well when constantly supervised and cornered like a rat in a trap.
Not quite a CR, but my grandfather's Indian Army bearer had a chit that read,

"Completes all tasks entirely to his own satisfaction."
Achieved his aim through natural cunning and guile rather than honest endeavour.


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Brewmeister, I have a letter from a great uncle recording that one (and 'I have known this officer to be sober') from 1917!
One mate had "Cpl B is small and very Scottish". Acurate but a bit odd. I was described as "tall and balding" true but hardly relevant and the the next year as "stout"-6 foot 2 and skinny in not "stout".
Tall and balding? Has your COC been recycling my CRs?
Tpr Hamilton must realise that the ball may be in his court on occasions, but the ball belongs to me. :)
Old plt Sgt of mine wrote on a pen picture, under the heading strengths
"this man holds a current driving licence"

Not my pen picture i hasten to add.


Cuddles said:
Tall and balding? Has your COC been recycling my CRs?

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