Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scruff_2, Jan 22, 2010.

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  1. My younger brother is coming to visit in a months time, he is 45 and has not been laid for at least 2 years. Now being the caring big brother that I am I thought I would take him to 'dam for the day and get him laid. Problem is I have never used the services available myself. I have seen the birds in the windows by the canal, but how do things work, how much does it cost. Any advice greatly received.
  2. If it's anything like the German houses, barter! Long time ago (when we had hair), the team went to Knobelstadt (made up name) and my Sgt asked what the form was. I went up to the girl, asked her the price and proceded to beat her down by 30%. Sgt goes and gets laid - job done. He then goes and does another 2 girls (without the discount). Trouble is, his missus finds the Access bills - what a knobber!
  3. 50 euro for half an hour. It's probably cheaper to spend some beer to chat up a 19 year old fit backpacker on her gap year. At least you'll have your accomodation sorted at the same time.
  4. Some brother you are!
    Let him have a do on your wife, and save his money to spend on beer.
  5. Im 1ic of my mates stag do, Amsterdam is on the short list as its easy to get to. We weren't thinking about knocking shos ( honest) however if someone could recommend a decent bar thats not full of druggies and has decent entertainment then Id be interested, after the Ann Frank museum and the Van Gogh of course
  6. Then you have not lived
  7. Been a while so can't remember the good bars, bu bars are bars, coffee shops are for stoners. Stick to the bars and you'll have no problem come CDT time.
  8. Go to Rembrandtsplein or the dutch bars, steer clear of the 'tourist' pubs.
  9. The Sex Museum on Damrak, No 18, followed by the Erotic Museum at Achterburgwal 54.

  10. Bloody hell, there's inflation for you. It was only 25 guilders for half an hour WAY back in 1972. Touching was of course extra, as was everything else. I do vaguely remember the ceiling could have done with a lick of paint and that the wallpaper was fcuking horrendous. 8O

    I haven't done the nightlife in Amsterdam since then but on a daytrip a couple of years ago when I actually lived in NL, there were a couple of bars between the station and Dam Square that had scantily clad ladies prancing about outside as well as in. It made the waiting for the missus, who was shopping in De Bijenkorf (a department store) all the more interesting.

    I didn't see many druggies (except for the now compulsory hundred or so hanging round the station), kept well clear of the Moluccans (scary little buggers) and if you have to get on a tram, make sure there's no fcuking septics onboard. En route to the consulate, we had to endure one extremely annoying septic telling her friend and the rest of the tram (and most of Amsterdam AND probably parts of of Amstelveen), her entire life story at roughly 120dB.
  11. 50 Euro for 20 mins on the main street in red light. 30 Euro if you look hard enough but the girls are of lower quality.

    Stay away from the purple lights FFS!!! (Unless you're into that of course)
  12. Go and see them, nothing to do with THEM obviously! Funny as Fück :dance:

    They used to produce a free English language newspaper cynical tourist guide, which contained the question of "how much", answer was short and to the point "50€ for a suck and fück but don't expect romance"!
  13. Try rembrantplien and the leidesplien for bars and clubs, theres a few ok bars in the red light district just dont go in the cofee shops. mind you beer is expensive 4 euros a pint minimum in a lot of places