Amsterdam - U need a Weed-Pass!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, Apr 28, 2012.

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  1. Foreign tourists will be banned from entering cannabis cafes in Amsterdam after a ruling by a Dutch judge.
    The judge upheld a new law to stop foreign visitors from entering Holland's famous coffee shops - meaning they could be banned by the end of the year. Under the new law, Dutch residents will still be allowed into the cafes, as long as they have valid identification, or possibly hold a new "weed pass".

    The restrictions come amid concerns that tourists are visiting the country solely for drugs and that foreign dealers are selling illegally back at home. The ban is due to start in three southern provinces next month, and go nationwide by the end of the year.
  2. Well that's a whole shit load of tourism and cash lost from their economy!
    Just what they need as the Euro crisis plunges them into economic turmoil.
  3. Just like all the pubs that closed here with the smoking ban.
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  4. Yes! I haven't been out drinking in a pub since the ban came in.
    Plus with my home brew being about 10p a pint and 4 times stronger than normal beers, it's a win win situation :)
    And I don't even have to hide me spliffs :thumright:
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  5. I go to a pub and stand outside, don't go out much these days, pretty pointless.
  6. It's totally pointless and vastly over priced!!!
    I'm sure you could knock out a batch of home brewed cider mukker :)
  7. I've not made homebrew for years but I've been thinking of starting again.
  8. I can get bucket loads of apples for free round here mukker :) All we need is a press :)
  9. We need a homebrew thread, its cropping up more than sheds. :)

    I've been thinking of starting, I'm more of a spirits drinker though.
  10. That's where it gets messy and sticky
  11. Make your own spirits I'm sure Happybonzo could advise if he's not mainlining Absinthe and Caverject.
  12. Worth it though, for the cheapest alcohol in England :)
    You know from experience how strong my ginger beer is :)
  13. Ohh Jarrod, post #5 "... I go to a pub and stand outside, don't go out much these days, pretty pointless." Is business that bad? Also, less of the messy and sticky you old perv.

    Actually a home bru thread is a mighty fine idea.
  14. Less of the old.
  15. I only had a mouthful of the ginger beer it was toothsome.