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Amsterdam a bad idea before Catterick?

Been invited to Amsterdam for a close friends 21st in August a month before goin to Catterick would this be i good idea considering the fact some of my mates are weed smokers and i dont wana be associated with that incase it gets picked up upon during my medical. If i were to go i would distance myself for the smoking and stay on the cider :D , can i have some advice, opinions etc...



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If it worries you - don't go. After a few shandies you may be tempted to try a little weed - it will never show. Not worth the risk IMO.


Weed can stop in your fat cells for a month! Much longer than any other substance! Don't even think about trying it, it isn't worth the hassle mukker :D


Skarin said:
I wouldnt be tempted i hate the F-ing stuff, its just passive smoking worries me.
Passive is just as bad as smoking the stuff mukker! It's still in your system and the amount they chuff over there you might as well be smoking it if you are in the bar :)
Dont think passive smoking is an issue unless you all climb into the boot of a Datsun and toot for 3 days solid

It's over rated as well, wait until you get out then go to 'The Doors' cafe with a pocket full of folding and your party hat on. Try the 'white widow' selection from the catalogues provided, a mild brew with a deceptive undercurrent that leaves you grinning maniacally at the Space Invaders machine in the far corner.
Generally speaking you can't smoke weed in bars anymore, there are exceptions but not enough to worry you. So if you going on the lash in downtown Amsterdam its not going to be a problem. The guys will probably buy some to smoke between bars though, just don't get so pi$$ed you want to have a smoke, some self control and you will be OK.
Amsterdam's never a bad idea...... :D

I've been assured that passive smoking isn't something that will trouble you - in fact the apparent difference between levels is why lads caught on CDT can't use it as a defence. I've heard the '10 smokers in a phone box for 8hrs' line on how much passive smoking you'd need to be exposed to a few times. That said, you might get a 'below threshold' positive which may raise some questions.

My biggest concern would be whether you trust yourself to stay out of it (once trollied) and your mates not to doctor you. I found the excellent selection of exotic beers and window-shopping more than enough to remain entertained. Have fun.
Spoke to the host not everyone going is smokers so i wont be a outcast, id just hate for it to mess up my future. If i was to go would it be a good idea to inform my recruiter and explain the situation incase something gets picked up?
i got worried cause mates had a smoke at a party and room was full of smoke and i passed ctd o, so just go dont wory about it amsterdam is whore heven, go blow your load before you go to catterick, cause the only thing to blow your load over there is pics of your buds pics of his misses
Think your over worrying.

Don't smoke any weed, don't go to a cafe on a corner and go upstairs and eat cake or bags of mushrooms.

When all your mates are comatosed in a cafe ran by some guy from tunisia just goto a bar, red light district, sex show, madam tussaud or go and sight see, soak the culture up by riding one of them daft bikes around.

Blue light district.
jarrod248 said:
First time I went I thought a poor man had lost his budgie, he kept walking along calling 'Charlie, charlie, charlie' No idea if he ever found it. RIP little bird.
Yeah, strange that... Same thing happened to me although I kept shouting no mate its Billy not charlie! Think he was looking for a friend... hope he found him!
jarrod248 said:
Might have been the same bloke or people over there are careless with pets.
I know, but it's not just confined to domestic animals, I went into a bar there a few years ago and some bloke kept asking me if I knew what his cock looked like. 8O
My mate Wilky on his first trip to a brown cafe was not keen on getting stoned, "but Ill have some of that cake" then " f****ing hell this cake is expemsive" next thing he's stoned out of his tiny, trying to fly off the roof of the Hans Brinker in Kirk stratt where the gay bars are
tropper66 said:
My mate Wilky on his first trip to a brown cafe was not keen on getting stoned, "but Ill have some of that cake" then " f****ing hell this cake is expemsive" next thing he's stoned out of his tiny, trying to fly off the roof of the Hans Brinker in Kirk stratt where the gay bars are
Eh a brown cafe is proper pub. It's a coffee shop where you buy weed. And no one thinks they can fly after a hash cake except attention seeking mongs.
..........or alternately talk your mates into visiting the Van Gogh museum and the Anne Frank Attic. A day spent viewing the local architecture and wandering the canals would be nicely complemented by lunch on a restaurant barge. Finally a days study of the excellent tram system with a fraternal discussion of comparing Neo Dutch public transport versus it's UK equivalent would round off an excellent alternate weekend travelling experience.

Then if you relayed the above experience to your recruiter you wouldn't have to worry that he 'd bin you for drugs, he'd bin you for needing to get a life.

Good luck.

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