AMS WOs & Sgts P&P Dinner

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Filbert Fox, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. Yes Ill be there

  2. No, Im on tour

  3. Not if Smithys going, hell put me off my food

  1. not to be confused with Smithys anti-QA annual dinner.

    29 Apr 06, whos organising it now that the usual blerk is out (without his red book!!)?

    Are you going?
  2. No, need to perm my pubic hair region and dye the grey ones back to black :wink:
  3. Are you standing in for the CRSM collating returns. I thought they are generally done through RSM's and past members direct to him. I will inform him of your action so he realises that one of his fellow WOs' thinks he is inadequate for the task and is undertaking it through an unoffical system to ensure acurate completion.
  4. we should all wear ARSSE bow ties to distinguish ourselves from the others. Will the top table go for that?
  5. so, its official, you are a prick with a over inflated sense of self importance ! :roll:

    Edited because I can
  6. So now weve cleared that up what is the basis of your post? Im somewhat confused. Is this you being the leader of the pack! or just your usual limited self
  7. yawn, trolling around hi-jacking threads your thing for this afternoon Smithy?
  8. He would masterbate but the blisters are too much for him today
  9. I didnt realise that asking members of an annoymous website if they were going to a meal or if Smithy was a prick could be counted as 'collating returns'!, it would look pretty daft on the return wouldnt it:
    Filbert Fox
    Dui Lai
    and I'm sure that the current CRSM would be happy for the event to be publicised, hopefully increasing awareness and therefore attendance at the function. After all, a good attendance will show him in a good light, there are more than enough people who would like to see the function fall flat on its arrse for one reason or another, but by advertising and putting the word out there hopefully It will be a good night, the inclusion of the RAVC and QARANC may not have been well received by some when it was first announced but it has added to the evening.
  10. Where the F**k did you RAMC lot dig this prick up from!!! Is he joking or is he really like this, coz i don't even know the guy and all i want to do is fry him in chip fat.
  11. Could we have an application form published Filbert Fox so that I can print it locally and send in as being a Civi now means I do not get the mail !!!

  12. Time for a new Oxygen thief vote I believe.

    Sad lonely little man, is he really an ex RAMC senior & was PVRs up when he was in.
  13. Would that make him a suitable snackette for an HCA?

  14. I really dunno but 1 shot has a valid point!!! I don't think rejected cancer ridden sphincters should be eaten.....fried or not!! however it would be fun just to watch this weasel get his..........
  15. Emmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, excuse me a mo.

    Smithy Mate (remember friendly, not Navy).

    As you are probably aware, I have worked with a number of sressot in my time. Have we worked on the same corridor sometime last year, and were you the one whining that they promised you your WO1 and didn't come through on the deal until you stamped your feet?

    Are you???????????????????