AMS WOs and Sgt P&P 2008


The AMS WO's and SSgts and Sgts Annual Dinner Club details are:

Date: 26 April 2008
Location: Fort Blockhouse Gosport Hants

Format: 5 Course meal

Dress: For non serving members: Dinner Jacket

Cost: �38.00 by COP 11 April 2008 Cheques payble to RAMC MINOR FUNDS

Full details from CRSM 01276 412759
Can anyone clarify the politics/issues that resulted in our removal from Sandhurst this year, as I’m sure the RMA Sgts’ Mess will have continued to enjoy the annual post dinner bar profits!? Despite the numbers involved etc, I thought it was a fairly tidy and workable venue. Although the dinner has been held at Gosport before (I think) and famously, of course, at Keogh, I really thought we had found our little niche at Sandhurst.


I wait with baited breath, as Blockhouse is a bit small.

The only plus is getting bladdered and waking up in the Solent coastguard helicopter!
We had it at Blockhouse in 1997 (or was it 98?) when I was at 33, was a bit cramped, especially the bar afterwards.
Great view from the mess though! Just got to watch out for the waterslide, otherwise known as the sea wall, on the stagger to one's cabin!!
I hear the plan is to open the top bar as well as the main bar initially to contend with the surge towards the bar post dinner.

Attended the event in Blockhouse years ago and agree it is a bit cramped but they intend holding the meal in the JR's dinning hall this year which can hold more people seated at one time so might not be too bad.
was that when that bird punched him?
Can't remember a bird being there, was playing cards at the time. He kept interupting the DG during his speech. It was a good weekend though.

Just had a brilliant all ranks reunion in Coventry, 3 days and nights of drunken reminiscing. Fantastic weekend had by all.

flowerpower said:
Unfortunatly the RADC will be doing MATT's so can't join in the fun this year, so our usual "high" attemdance will be affected!!
Not as bad as the RAVC - I think there was maybe two/three serving members there last year and that included their big boss man!! (Or was that the year before- damn this age!) :?
If the gobdocs arent going do we still have to pay for their Director to have a ticket? Thats £38!
sometimes I have to tell myself to stop giving!
Foxy, I'll be your personal waitress for the night xx

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