AMS - TA PQO Selection and Commissioning Course

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Stabnificent, Jan 13, 2013.

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  1. Hello ARRSE, from long-time lurker who has finally made the effort to register.

    I've done a search and there have been a few threads from a while ago on the subject, but they don't fully answer my question. I've asked the CoC and had pretty mixed messages back too.

    I'm a year 4 medical student in a TA unit (or whatever they're called these days), who at the moment has done AOSB briefing but main board yet. I have every intention of commissioning, but I've heard so many different rumours about selection and commissioning as a PQO and I'm just wanting to confirm the process is so I can think about the next steps. The original plan was to do the normal TACC but my holidays didn't agree with it.

    As far as I know selection is the same as the rest of the army (AOSB briefing and main board, although I stand to be corrected!) and thereafter there is a short TAPQO commissioning course which can either be done as 4 or 2x2 weeks? I'm also a little confused over where this actually takes place, as I've heard both RMAS and Strensall mentioned.

    Sorry to bother you all with what is probably a stupid question, but noone in the CoC seems to have a definitive answer and I've heard a few different things from those in other medical units, so I'd appreciate if anyone could help me out on here.

    Awaiting incoming...
  2. Have you tried calling the AMS Recruiting cell to ask them?
  3. I'll give them a call this week. Can't believe I never even thought of that. Cheers!
  4. Mine, although it was 4.5 years ago
    2 weekends at Strenshall, sort of selction weekends with other PQOS
    If they recommended you an interview at Strenshall then accepted
    I do believe this system has changed and may now be down to one long weekend then interview

    The PQO1a at Strenshall 2 weeks and the 2 weeks ta RMAS for PQO1b. I dont think they do the 4 week job as moost people cant take 4 weeks off

    The PQO selection weekend ivolved fitness tests so get fit and pass