AMS swimming

Anyone going to this? Anyone done it before? What is the standard like? Thanking you very much.
the standered was not that high when i competed about 5 years ago. let me put it this way, their was on me and one other in my race, and i am pleased to say that i won. which was no mean feat as i had never done butterfly before.
AMS has a lot of good swimmers in it, however as we are all over the place and half the Units are on Ops , POTL or PDT we dont seem to be able to get more than a scratch team of misfits being entered into the events.

We have a lot of very good swimmers and water polo players incl a few at Army standard.

The team Capt is currently in Afghan so we wont get much coordination prior to the InterServices in November.

If you can swim, or have some good swimmers. Send them, we can always see their event times and try to organise some half decent swim team next year. And if your lucky, you can keep the CO sweet with some easy silver

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