AMS road show!!

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by gado, May 29, 2004.

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  1. What a load of arrse!!

    5 JR's enter for interviews. . . . . . . . . 4 wonna now sign off!

    I understand that comments on Arrse have upset some of the powers! Am so sorry if I have personaly caused offence. None intended! Please take it as it's meant!

    I luvs ya all! (well, not quite)
  2. Why apologise for speaking the truth Gado, the AMS is a pile of crape. X-factor accounts for nothing these days, especially if you are a techie. And Pay-2000 ficked us all.

    If the powers-that-be cannot look at our comments and react accordingly, then they are living up there in the fluffy cloud area. Do not ever apologise for speaking your mind, never, ever do :evil:
  3. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Unless you're GQ
  4. What are they complaining about? They have a constantly rolling AMS attitude survey here for nothing. Ungrateful gits.
  5. Fair enough. It would appear comments are however being taken personnaly. This was not the intention (by me anyway). We are being fcuked over by the AMS as a whole, not by the individuals within the organisation!
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    As stated in previous posts, the Ivory Tower do read read the site- well maybe when they are drawn to it by some scandal etc.

    But the truth hurts and maybe this is where the AMS can voice its concerns and praise (Although I've seen very little of that!)

    I've seen 20 odd years of AMS roadshows and have never been overly impressed by its facts and figures. Plus I've known of about 2 lads who have been helped out by a AMS interview. But I know of 100s who have little result-Something to do with forgetting their files or not even knowing they were being interviewed.

    Glad to say that is something I won't miss being out of the malstroem of service. But I do have contacts deep under cover in the Ivory Tower itself- although I can never divulge their snip bits as its Al-murtagh!
  7. I have no probs with the MCM Div, great bunch of people doing a cracking job within the restraints that they have to operate under, however, I didnt think much of the 'roadshow', to much talking and not enough music or dancing girls, a comedian would have been good.
  8. AMS roadshow.waste of feckin time travelling miles a year just to spout the same old crap.."yes we are looking into introducing....."
    Pah bu ll sh ite!!! Why not just bin the roadshow and spend the money the way the AMS usually does; on pay rises and retention incentives for the PQ commissioned ranks. :evil: :evil:
  9. Strippers, we need more strippers. Decent ones, no fat assed QAs or I'll vomit :wink:
  10. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Not poo yourself then?
  11. I'll probably do that as well :wink:
  12. File what god damn file? They had mine-one sheet of paper! Hardly counts as a file.

    And as for answers, help, career advice - not much of that either.

    Sorry IT if you don't like the comments don't read this site. Your choice! But I happen to agree with the earlier comment on a free up-to-date attitude survey. Perhaps there are some useful points raised on here for the IT to mull over.
  13. ours is on the 16 June so i'll let you all know how it went with the dancers!!
  14. I walked out in the middle of my personal interview, when after 10 min they told me that they could not find my file and had no record of me serving :oops: . I had been a SGT 8 years and had 15 years service under my belt (All in the AMS) and these are the people who run the good ship AMS. :evil: :evil:
    I think she is heading for a large iceberg 8O 8O
  15. Sous,

    had my interview as well! Didn't inspire me with confidence either.

    As for the presentation, same old crape spouted. Rally the troops, everything is fine, fix bayonets, chaaaaarrrrrggggeeeeeee!

    Hate to see the organisation I have served for the past 20 odd years going down the pans rapidly. Still they may wake up one morning and spot the iceberg as its about to hit, then its too late :roll: