AMS/RAMC Thrift Shop

What happened to your grant of £2200+?
Oh dear, what a shame. Nevertheless, if you do what WD says and give the AMS Museum a ring, they'll put you in touch with the chap who runs the dead officers shop.
Yes there is a 'second hand uniform shop' at Keogh, pretty sure that it is a subsection of the AMS shop at the museum. Are you sure you don't get an allowance, all of the MOs on my EOC/PQO seemed to have had the money before they started. Tho' as a cadet, you are no doubt at the mercy of the puzzle palace that is AMD. They do have some AGC shiny arrse types that might be able to help - could be that you've been to55ed of with duff gen by an inept fatherless.
Ive PM'd you with details.

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