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AMS/RAMC Thrift Shop

Oh dear, what a shame. Nevertheless, if you do what WD says and give the AMS Museum a ring, they'll put you in touch with the chap who runs the dead officers shop.
Yes there is a 'second hand uniform shop' at Keogh, pretty sure that it is a subsection of the AMS shop at the museum. Are you sure you don't get an allowance, all of the MOs on my EOC/PQO seemed to have had the money before they started. Tho' as a cadet, you are no doubt at the mercy of the puzzle palace that is AMD. They do have some AGC shiny arrse types that might be able to help - could be that you've been to55ed of with duff gen by an inept fatherless.
Why not pick up any old regimental uniform and tell people that you're an LE commissioned in from that cap badge....guaranteed not to get rumbled

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