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  1. I would like to congratulate the following officers and soldier on their recent OP awards, especially Pte Main RAMC, the only one to gain a gallantry award, for her various gallant actions in Iraq and well deserved.


    Mention in Despatches (MiD)

    Private MAIN Royal Army Medical Corps


    Officer of The Order of The British Empire (OBE)

    Lieutenant Colonel MAHONEY Royal Army Medical Corps

    Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service (QCVS)

    Lieutenant PRITCHARD Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps

    Well done to all

    in arduis fidelis
  2. Entirely agree - very well done to all of them especially Pte Main!
    All have shown the highest standards of selfless commitment and determination. They are a credit to the AMS.
  3. I hate to say this, but once again we are poorly represented in the Op awards!!!! See previous threads about why we reckon this is.......... :roll:

    But well done, none-the-less folks...... :clap:
  6. our heroes in 16! anyone would think no-one else ever deploys!
  7. not entirely true is it? I have NATO and UN gongs which are non-British, others I know wear US Bronze Stars, I think comment should have been made to clarify the fact that wearing non-British gongs and double gonging can be done if Liz gives the nod, however getting the 2 gallantry medals for the same deed! it would be the same if the Afghan govt wanted to give him a piece of tin for it as well, 3 medals for the same deed!
    He will get the NATO one, why not get it framed with the citation and stick it on his wall.

    We are not the septics who dish medals out like sweets, double gonging with non-Brit medals may be seen as devaluing the British award and possibly the deed.
  8. Congratulations to all....

    However its a bit thin.....

    Perhaps those commanders on the ground could pay a little more attention to what the dismounts get up to and write up the deeds of troops a little more often, if they actually get any eyes on these days that is...and why not, others do.
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I am sure many citation fell at the higher echelons of power, especially when the powers that be see "RAMC" (or any AMS capbadge)
  10. The first quote is rubbish about not being allowed to wear non British awards, as long as you have permission by Her Maj you can wear it, thats been in force for years. The qoute about double awards is wrong as well, yes it is true that you can't wear the likes of the ISAF medal because you get the OSM but you are allowed to wear two awards for the same deed, this would happen a lot in WW2 especially with the French Croix de Guerre, I know for a fact that Maj John Howard got both the DSO and Croix de Guerre for his leadership at Pegasus Bridge and wore them both with permission, I know becuase I have seen them.

    I wonder if the comment is made by the CO without actually researching it
  11. does that include the civvie at AMD who gets first sight of all nominations and says 'dont bother it wont get past the SG'? cynical? me?
  12. Filbert you old cynic our Corps has a splendid record of honours and awards especially for soldier ranks we were unlucky on this occasion but wait for the new years honours, It will be packed with DMS soldiers just like last year.
  13. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Have you been at the diesel again?