AMS MEMORIES - 70s & 80s

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by smgsniper, Feb 1, 2008.

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  1. Saw a thread like this on another forum and thought we could have a list of our own for those of a certain age! Any additions? Remember:
    BAOR and bigger than the cast of Ben Hur!
    BFG car plates
    BFTs in boots
    KF shirts & jumpers with draw cords
    ORTs and crashouts
    The IGB
    The Russians attacking - maybe
    Armd Fd Ambs - back again by popular demand!
    Military Hospitals and no/minor waiting lists
    Promotion after 6 months
    Promotion for sporting prowess - does that still happen?
    THE SMG - (I miss you)
    Sleeping off the booze on the scrim nets
    Drinking on a work day lunchtime then going back on the park
    No females in field units
    Drill was not a dirty word
    Tinned ration packs
    Any more?
  2. All that and having fun too
  3. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Thought you'd add mop and buckets.
  4. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Wondering where the middle sausage had gone from the compo sausage tin
    Herfy suitcases
    Sports afternoons
    LE Officers being ex-RAMC
    Living in a block with 20 other blokes
    Watching the RMP take the Pay bloke away every six months
    Paying your fuel bill to the said pay bloke
    Being told wet canvas would spontaneously combust
    Re patching scrim nets
    Getting the best scrim poles from some nature reserve on Soltau
    Wolfgang's bratties
  5. B D's
    44 patern webbing
    Hose Tops
    Kings Crown Cap Badge (still have mine)

    Need I go on ??

    Even VENTRESS is to young to remember these :lol:

  6. Leaf sweeping then stick them on tree (Staff Collage demo).
    Snow clearing (blizzards only).
    432s Parked between tree (no garages in those days)
    Convert to Mk2s then back to mk1s then back to mk2s then mk1s changing CES every time.
    Tin City site guard possibly the best site guard in the world.
    War stopping Friday 23:59 and starting Monday 00:01 prompt.
    ADFA not AFAs , and certainly no Medical Regiments.
  7. Midwifes
    Sick Kids Nurses
    Herfi handbags
    itchi shirts
    box painting (sorry - still goes on today)
    promise of tech pay !!!
    compulsary vaccine parades
    DS could shout and swear at scrotes
    no PC brigade
  8. Border patrols :eek: Get on the bus, get off the bus!
    Ten Mark Alleys
    The Shack (Minden)
    Instant speed fines and no points
    New cars
    Trips to Hamburg for the weekend
    Gyros on the way home
    Crash outs (There was a name for it I think)
    Ludwigs layer!

    Guess who's coming to dinner? 3 SHOCK ARMY!
  9. Squadron bar with only tinned beer
    SSM that threatened hell but was always right behind the lads
    Petrol coupons that you flogged to the pads
    Active edge (crash out)
    Currywurst and frittees and the delightful beer soaking roll
    German cops who only wanted 20dm for speeding
    NAAFI finance for the HI FI
    Tax free everything
    2 Kero htrs and a tin of cheese possesed.and fresh bread
    George with a new hand painted red bulb for the penthouse (439)
    Some damn good memories
  10. Active edge - call outs
    Salvation army - for a cheese roll n' Coffee
    Spiel-a-Tec (?) Minden - Pac Man and Space invaders in German!!
    Tin city at Sennalager - living in tents
    10 mark alley
    Porto Disco's on a saturday night (outside Minden) -
    dancing to Donna summer I feel Love and Mighty Real by Sylvester
    Turkish 'spiks' wanting to knife you...
    Queuing for the telephone outside the front gate
    Site Guards with the Americans
    Letters getting 'em and writing 'em
    Watching German Tele 'cos that's all there was
    Tin city at Sennalager - living in tents - again
    Buying big stereo record decks from the NAFFI
    (still got mine in the garage)
    Watching Porn films from the end of the Bar downtown - ratted!
  11. Sennelager Strip the pubs the strippers and the brothel
  12. MORELLO (spelling ??)
  13. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Puckridge Ammo site Guard
    Mons Bks when it was for Medics and RADC, oh and some RCT trials unit oh and 42 Sqn
    The rat pit
    Naafi Roundabout
    Canal Runs down the Basingstoke canal
    Parachute Clearing troop
  14. In Aldershot
    The (juvenile jive) 2/22 Fd Hosp disco
    Fun at work with decent people
    Liz House
    New House
    F Spider
    In Woolwich
    5 to 1 club
    NAAFI shag/ disco
    Nights out in London
    Being treated as new meat by the nurses
    Friday night after work
    In BAOR
    Cheap beer
    Rinteln Rugby Club
    Exercise all kit notional including staff

    Working in military hospitals
  15. Stagging on at Thornhill Bks watching the totty go skiing
    Saighton Camp
    Waiting on at the Keogh Bks WOs' & Sgts' Mess
    The ceilings in covered walkways in Thornhill Bks - used for hiding loads of 'contraband' and then collapsing
    The hanger at Farnborough