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  1. I've just come back from telic as a RCMT (inf) and am thinking of coming over to the ramc either as a cmt (to paramedic) or ODP or nurse (to casualty nurse) or radigrapher and was wondering about some things:

    Whats the lightlyhood of getting onto the ambi tech to paramedic courses and not getting sidelined into stores or 432's or somthing equally intresting?

    What does an ODP actually do? very easy to find waffle but not much actual information.

    How long would it take to specialise from nursing to go over to casualty?

    Anyone know what the transfer bonus is for training as a radigrapher is?


    Ps. army jobs website is shite.
  2. phone the recruiting team

    but first of all, make your mind up on what you want to do
  3. welshy, stop wondering,

    if i was you, stay as an rcmt and get the best of both worlds, cos as soon as you cross over and become medical you'll always be in medical units who want to be like infantry units - but never will be!!
  4. You say you are thinking of coming over to the RAMC (plus QARANC Nurse) and listed just about all the careers available; do you know what you want to do?

    I've just googled Operating Department Practitioner and there is a great deal of information available...

    Whats academic qualifications do you have; which would give you an indication of where to set your sights F_W.

    Follow Bedpans advice and ring RAMC recruiting.
  5. Agree that you should look into what each of the trades can offer you as they are all very different. RAMC, or QARANC recruiting can put you in contact with departments for visits to make sure it is what you want to do.

    I wouldn't use bonuses as reason to transfer, mainly because I'm fairly sure none exists for radiographers, but choose the profession you are most likely to enjoy. As we know different things make different people tick and each to their own.
  6. From the nursing perspective, you'll be expected to do between 18months-2years post reg before being concidered for Emergency nursing. Most MDHU's have a rotation package that involves some form of 'critical/emergency' care.

    After completing a period in you chosen dept., you then have to apply to the NEA for a course. At the moment, Emergency nursing degees are being quoshed for the 60 credit version (half a degree). They are prefering us to be A&E experienced as opposed to A&E qualified.
  7. If youre thinking of transfering to the RAMC to be a CMT then dont do it, you get more hands on and responsibility being a RCMT with the inf.
    If you are going to transfer then get on of the trades that you can take outside with you, dont get fooled by the CMT = Para Medic fairy tale. There are CMTs undertaking the Para Medic training (not many) but as a TFI the chances of leap frogging the entire cadre to get a place is a bit far fetched.

    Go nursing or ODP, radiographers tend to be dull as dishwater and have no mates.
  8. Firstly, Why not a CMT? Things have move on a lot recently. As for taking advice from a NON-CMT, well, that says enough. Surely this bod has had enough of the Inf or he wouldnt be asking. He could find himself attached to them in the future and will do very well as is probably a Class 1 Infanteer himself so i wouldnt 'not' think about it. A lot of CMTs do very well from the Inf if they get a good report from an Inf half Col.

    Secondly, how many Corps CMTs havent had hands on recently? C'mon, Class 2's have more hands on than us old sweats at the gory end of the job and if im correct an RCMT Class 1 course is the same as ours?

    Thirdly, if he were to transfer, lets say in the next couple of years, there is a chance that he will get his Amby tech from the CCC or so im led to believe, if things go as planned then he will have the option. Obv it all depends on his capacity as to whether he goes for the illusive paramedic. My advice is to not turn up for the transfer selection thinking it will be a walk in the park as most Inf do and get ready for your interviews as they are pretty picky on TFIs nowadays.
  9. you know, I could have sworn that I was a CMT before I became an OTT, but you obviously know me better.

    I'm not talking on ops, I'm talking day to day in barracks, are they not employed in the unit med centres? How many CMTs at say, 1 CSMR work in the med centre?

    not that old chesnut!
  10. I wish I had my time again 24 years MA/CMT it sounds great as a tom all we did was check G10 and I12 paint, sweep , stag grease and generally get the shaft obviously with Med Regts, we now employ elves to do all the normal CMT jobs. Do the tent fairies still visit the Fd Hosps and check and pack/repack recheck and repack the tents or is this now automated. I am glad that at last all the stories have come true , tech pay , better training opportunities and at last the civilian qualifications that the old sweats were promised when I joined, I was promised and guess what now you are being promised,

    Advice: if you can get trade which transfers to civi street.
  11. This has been promised for years. I joined in 1982 as a MA & we were promised it then.

    Thank god I didn’t take them at there word & hung around for years living on promises that never materialise & painting boxes.

    Find yourself a trade with skills which are transferable to civvy life, ODP, RGN aren’t bad jobs.
  12. Alternatively leave the army, train as a nurse in civy street, get some A+E experience for a couple of years and then re-join the army (QAs) with a commission.