AMS CMT's: Where is the trade going?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Ventress, Jun 10, 2004.

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  1. Amalgamate with HCA's

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  2. Push on with Paramedic development

  3. Stream the trade- G4, Training, Medical, Field

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  4. Disband the trade entirely

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  1. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Just a question maybe the Ivory Tower can answer.

    Foxy and Dui-Lai, I am already laughing at your replies, PM me!

    I would just hope it means more than a step back into the 1900's becoming orderlies/ HCA's again. It may be the easy option- suck it into the HCA trade!

    The CMT had potential written all over it when it was created but years of negelect and Clinical Governance has put paid to that. What was a potential for becoming a recognized Paramedic etc, will have the CMT damp dusting.

  2. :D after all those years of people joking about OTTs damp dusting the theatres, now they have 'housekeepers' to do it, be good to have the CMTs on Ops though, damp dusting is below these new fangled ODP things apparently!!

    But I did hear that TA CMTs are going to be renamed Combat Medical Assistants (CMA) to show the difference between a regular who actually does it as a job and a TA bod who spends a couple of weeks a year doing it and the rest of the time doing his normal job. So at least the powers that be actually realise that there is a difference in the skills.
  3. The first 60 RAF medics are starting IHCD Paramedic training soon, leading to state registration.
  4. Seriously QMAN,

    on reflection I think anser 3 is more appropriate. There are out there some damn good CMTs who should be allowed to fulfill their potential on the Medical front. There is nothing at present to allow this!

    What about the possibility of Physicians Assistants, like the septics, for the good ones 8O Or is that stepping on the toes of the MOs, god forbid we take away any of their power :roll:

    At present, the CMT trade cannot stay as it is. Something needs to be done and soon. However, there needs to be much done with the AMS as a whole especially some of the Tech trades.
  5. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Is it true the Naval Medical Branch have MA's at Pompey Uni doing some paramedical degree cse?
  6. would that be the Moscow State or Chinese State?

    But there are some CMTs who give the trade a bad name, think theyre tankies cos they drive a 432 or think theyre SAS cos theyve done 'Black Hill Walking Serpent'.
    get them clinical, any CMTs out there who would like to change trades before CMT is totally destroyed by the lack of guidance/care by the powers that be, pm me.
  7. What & transfer to be an ODP? Most of the CMT's I know, are real men (& women) who wouldn't want to pose about all day in their scrubs, trying to look busy! :wink: Anyway, back to the serious bit. . . . .

    There are CMT's out there, in the big wide world, who are already doing the paramedic job! They go out on the blue light, civy amb's and scrape idiot pissed up squaddies, or stupid civilains of the roads!

    They deal with civy cardiac arrests, and even murders! They are to all intense & purposes, paramedics (& believe me they do a much better job that the local loonatics). The only thing they lack to progress is the qualification to go with it.

    But is this a retention issue? If the army give the CMT's a qualification equivalent to that of the paramedic in civy street, why would they stay in? They get paid very little for what they do & the civy job would not in any respect invlove tentage!!
  8. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Where does this happen? As I am intrigued to know where CMT's find the time in between tours and deployements.

    Sounds like utopia.
  9. Oh it's out there Qman! 2 year, non depolyable tour in the sun. Lots of duties, but they are all on the civy amby's. & can you beleive it, they can't get anyone to volunteer to go!! (cause they don't know about it!)
  10. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Well the outlook is great for the 12 or so punters out there whilst the other 1000 odd stag on, paint tents and go to Iraq and Bosnia.
  11. The CMT CEG certianly needs looking at. For the moment there is nothing that they are fit for.

    Answer three seems the most sensible however is that possible? Lets be realistic how many CMT are capable of that (that haven't already re-traded that is)????

    As long as the RAMC are willing to accept the failures from every other CEG in the Army all CMTs will be fit for is putting up tents! And well we do need those tents put up by someone and there's always something to load/unload, lift, drive etc.

    Light blue touch paper and retire to a safe distance to observe explosion.....
  12. My contacts in the IT have reported that an AMS Commanders' Conference took place there, this Wednesday (9 June). One of the issues briefed was a Cbt Med Tech update. My contacts say the following info was imparted:

    a. The Cbt Med Tech CEG review, contrary to rumour, was in fact completed 2 years ago and a report was submitted.

    b. Work that fell out from the report is ongoing. It has been and will continue to be kept under "close hold" until there is certainty that its implications and changes are supported, not only by the AMS but also by the General Staff, and it can be resourced.

    c. Broadly, there will be a multi-stream approach to Cbt Med Tech training in the future. The streams will be:

    (1) Primary Health Care
    (2) Conventional; ie similar to the current Cbt Med Tech role
    (3) Advanced Training; Ambulance Tech, Ambulance Paramedic & Physician's Assistant
    (4) Support to SF

    d. My sources tell me that the IT is scoping the implementation of the multi-stream approach with DMETA.

    That's all my source would say. Although one further point. There is a Cbt Med Tech Newsletter which is distributed from the IT. It should give all Cbt Med Techs info like that I have just posted. Anyone able to say that they've seen the newsletter?
  13. Not the old " Cheque in the Post" CMT's are going to get.................scenario again Neanderthal. Some of us heard all that rubbish 17 years ago and your still trotting it out. C'mon use some imagination and try to tell us a different story at least
    :evil: :evil:
  14. Sorry LWM,

    I wasn't at the Conference, I just reported what was said. Still if you don't want me to post info that comes from the IT, then I'll stop posting.

    Your call.
  15. Why is ARRSE so boring?