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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by smithy749, Apr 9, 2006.

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  1. Ive seen the other sites run this but any nostalgic or even current memories of AMS used pubs?

    I think the most obvious one was the Ash Vale. What a top place. Scraps with the pikeys and of course Ash Vale Rose. Who didnt bang that and her daughter thinking of it. When the Corps celebrated its centenary you will probably all remember the Rose they were having named. Submissions to DGAMS. My submission was of course ASH VALE" ROSE". It got the big bird. It was probably to apprpriate!
    The Crimea's another in the Shot. Some banging got done there with the QA's.

    Over to you
  2. The only one now is potters
  3. drainsniffer thats about as interesting as you, your trade and your football team. Thanks for your contribution now Fu*k off back to being the boring Cu*t you are. There must be a kitchen with a cracked tile that you can bring to the attention of a hard working master chef some where. Leave us with a sense of humour and purpose to get on with living.
  4. Good to see your back making a valued contribution to all smithy. Anger management classes still not working then?
  5. If it wasn't initially valued why did you add you dull "valued contribution" to it? How is Potters the only one. What about the lads in Preston, Catterick, Tidwoth, Munster, Bham etc. Dullard!!
  6. Believe it or not, but before the Paras moved to Aldershot The Rat Pit was known as a Medics bar !!
  7. it was in the mid 80s as well, us hospital types used to use it, the Paras were next door in the exchange and up the road in the George.
  8. Does anyone recall the two bars in osnatraz one was call Zulinders and the other was Myers bar, there was also Miami Vice which the medics never owned but they were always caught up in the scraps there ! oh what fun !

    Also good old AK's in Tidworth what a hole that was !
  9. There was the Hyde Park in the traz and also the Subway. In the town was Club 99 and the skatz. Both battling pubs.
  10. The SHACK in Minden, Stiffs Alle
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    The Exchange

    The Ash Vale, I was offered Rose by a 'friend' but declined due to my sanity.

    The George/ Anglers, now both closed and ranshackled!
  12. The (D) Anglers is no more!!!! Flats!
  13. How about the PIANO Bar and Marion and Lous in Rinteln? Plenty of deutchmarks pissed down the wall there.
  14. Sorry didn't read the first post properly, but what about Emma's in Gosport! Louies in Catterick or for th old and bold Scab's - which is now a Lidle supermarket.

  15. The Sax in Bulford. Ex 16 Fd Amb will remember this one. Coach and Horses -Amesbury
    6 Bells in Strensell. Sam Smith's beer gives you a hangover whilst you drink it.