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  1. In addition to writing to units etc, thought I would post that I again have the AMS allocation of tickets for the Army v Navy on Sat 2 May 09 at Twickenham. Tickets are priced the same as in the last two years and are as follows:

    £25 each - £20 for a E/W stand ticket & £5 for the AMS bar entry wristband.
    £23 each - £18 for a N stand ticket with £5 for the AMS bar entry wristband.

    Our allocated bar is the Scrum Bar and it is situated within the NW corner of the stadium on level 2. We are sharing with the APTC, but they only form one 10th of the overall bar allocation.

    Please note that I don't sell family or children's tickets - these can be obtained through the ARU, but they will not allow access to the AMS bar (there are no children under 14 permitted in any of the corps' bars).

    Any profits made from the sale of the AMS ticket allocation will be paid into the AMS RFU for use by the AMS Rugby Squad.

    Please note, in general, I won't respond to public questions or comments re the subject on this means. Any interested past or present members of the AMS can pm me for application details. Many thanks.

    Yours in Rugby
  2. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Is this a bar rather than a tent. Last years tent was a major let down - not the fault of the Corps but of Twickers - staff were awful and there was no atmos I felt I had paid £5 to be ripped off.

    I am about to try and drum up interest in my Regiment, but I have to confess I was going to avoid the AMS tent - time for a rethink?
  3. A fair question and this clearly this needs a public answer, but happy to discuss in private too. I won't go into unnecessary detail, but we were indeed allocated a marquee last year and opinion was divided, as it has been each year, some liked the tent and some prefer a stadium bar. I have found, having personally resurrected the private AMS bar scenario and taken on the increased ticket sales risk some 3 years ago, that demand and expectation has grown, but I have seen no one stepping forward to take this on with me.

    I attend the RFU/ARU co-ord meetings and we are very lucky to have our own bar, as we are in direct competition with other corps of greater size for a very few bars. If we reduce our ticket allocation, we will end up sharing with a number of other corps and this will disappoint those who now cannot get a ticket – we currently sell 900 tickets and wristbands. If we increase in size, probably not viable, we will end up in a marquee as the majority of the major corps are in tents every year due to their size (The RE are on the ground floor of the stadium in a cordoned off bar area). In effect, I now try to maintain the 900 quota, this keep the expectant AMS customer base happy, but it also means we are subject to bar availability.

    As you rightly say the corps is not responsible for the bar staff, although this was raised at the last meeting. I do hope my comments help with your decision-making. Finally, as I think I said in my initial post, the bar is definitely within the stadium, it is a ‘terrace’ bar – open on one side as most of them are, but it should be acceptable. Hope this helps.

    Yours in Rugby.
  4. Hi

    can you tell me if it is possible to buy the wrist bands for the scrum bar seperately.I've already sorted my match tickets and travel as my unit had nothing organised. I am a serving medic.
  5. Sorry mate, got to sell the tickets and wristbands together - as received from the Army Rugby Union. If you manage to sell on the ones you already have, then give me a shout by PM.
  6. hi
    so how do we get tickets? i am ams and i am sure my unit has not recieved any info on how to get them.
  7. pm sent
  8. Clearly a heavy administrative burden on one pair of shoulders. Well done AMSRugby I'm sure the bar will be a huge success.
  9. Who do I contact for tickets and wristbands? No-one that I've spoken to at my unit knows how to get them
  10. PM Sent with full details
  11. I realise I may have left this very late but would there be any tickets/wristbands for the AMS bar left, and where would I get them?
  12. I have 2 tickets and wrist bands for the game and now cannot make it The wrist bands are for the REME tent if anyone is interested pm me
  13. I've sent you a pm.
  14. Are there any tickets and wristbands left, and is it possible to get any now? I too have left this extremely late but have been away.

    Many thanks.
  15. All gone, sold since mid March, even got rid of the odd returns last week. Sorry to disappoint.