Left the Army beginning of Jan 08. Finished all discharge process in place by Unit and Pensions/Gratuity payment papers July 07. Unit appears to have lost my papers (or so it seems) no one is willing to assist me because I am no longer Serving Personnel (according to my recent Unit - who politely told me in a mobile phone message?). I am expected to wait 6 weeks for Pensions to tell me if they have my papers or not, to then wait another 6 weeks to have my papers processed. In order to have a 3rd set of papers signed I have to travel 800 mile trip courtesy of my own pocket. Can anyone tell me is this the norm or is this typical of the Army Medical Services?!!!. Lucky enough to have a job lined up, but I cant help feel for those who leave and are not in this position. What do they do? Is it only AMS Units that actually dont care? Pensions wont speak to you direct - JPAC do all their talking. Pensions then have 10 days to sort their lives out and make contact back with you. It apparently then takes 6 weeks to pay what is rightfully yours, or in this case tell me if they have received my signed papers at all? - anyone else had this experience or is it only the AMS/RAMC!! :oops: . Sadly I am still having to work to receive what is rightfully mine even after 22 years?

The Rt Honorable Des Browne is my MP and for what it is worth I have an interview with him personally to discuss just how a man of 22 years service has been treated by his Unit like he has, perhaps he would like to also listen to the nice mobile message I have from my RAO?

To date no one has looked for my papers, nor accepted liability for their loss instead they are leaving me to sit whilst Pensions tell me what I deep down already fear. My personal information and signed papers never left my Military MDHU :roll: somethings tells me this is not going to be as straight forward as my old RAO advised me it would.......

Anyone else had this problem. All information and assistance much appreciated. Frustration appears to be all a man of 22 years is worth to the Medical Services now - thanks chaps!! Appreciate the support..... :?
AJ not had this problem in this unit. Put simply we send all Pension Forms by Recorded Delivery to ensure that people don't have the problem you now face.

Happy to get another form to you for completion if you need it. It may be better to resubmit rather than wait 10 days to find they haven't got it?

If you wish try the link below - it is form 1 you need - note these are the new forms.

If you cant access the site PM me a civ email address and I will email you.


Thanks for your assistance. Problem is I went through the whole form with the RAO. As they are up on these things more than I!! Entrusted the form to him, he said it has been sent and voila guess what JPAC have no note of ever being received. If you can help I would be grateful. As you can see, my Unit dont appear to want to know. Out of Sight - Out of Mind!! Will forward email civ to you direct. Problems can you assist?
I had the same run around last year. I thought that the Admin Office would actualy do their job, they did but further down the line some docs went "Missing". I also went out of the system but my old Admin SGT went out of his way to help. Thanks again.

As mentioned by Jocster. make sure all docs are sent recorded and keep 2 TWO copies of everything.

I am also still waiting 11 , 10, 9, 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 months on for a return calls from the so called HELL DESK . Twats the lot.
You are lucky to have the assistance. I couldnt believe the message left on my mobile phone for the RAO? :roll: the very person I have to send this paperwork back to, so as you can understand I dont have much thoughts on the assistance improving any....probably lost again and you only have 12 months on your leaving date to actually commute any pension? How high should the complaint go exactly if I am not assisted - ON LEAVING THE ARMY I HAVE BEEN TOLD I AM NO LONGER PART OF THE UNIT SO THE UNIT CANT HELP ME?!? Caring Medical Services!!
I was RAMC, left mid Nov 07, my lump sum arrived 10 days after my last paid day, monthly pension started beginning of December.
Had to hassle JPAC to death to get my certs of Service and Discharge (as I needed them for my new job so they could assess my pay grade) and am still struggling with getting my testimonial from them, I have badgered JPAC relentlessly and always get fobbed off with 'we will call you back within 48 hours' but they never do. I signed my testimonial on 9th July!

Good luck with your pension and gratuity, see my pm.
You must be lucky, my Unit dont want to know nor care, and certainly wont accept loss of any Personal Documents which incidentally have all my personal and banking information on it!! :roll: Sorry to hear about JPAC, must say should I expect anymore?!? No!!! its the Army and I have now left - I am surplus to assistance......sent PM
My thoughts and sentiments exactly. :oops: Id like to know if this is an isolated case or is this just the same o' same o'? 22 Years in the Armed Forces and it is 22 years and near enough 2 weeks and my Admin Unit managed to cancel my pay but didnt manage to sort my entitlements out? hmmmm!! Still should I honestly be surprised at the catalogue of errors and brush offs? The Unit havent hidden the fact they dont seem to know nor care as to the whereabouts of my papers _ I wonder how they would feel if I just forgot where I put there papers with personal banking details visible for all to see? I wonder how they will feel when they reach 22 years if they were treated as they have treated me? THEN AGAIN CAN THEY STAY THE DISTANCE?!!!!???? I fear NOT!! :wink: :roll:
Happened to me - so no - not isolated - still not got my resettlement grant :-( after 3 years out

Took 3 months for pension to get actioned after lots and lots of calls - so went to see that wonderful thing called a lawyer and he sent a letts to OC Glasgow and named the person and held him accountable - job done the next week
I had no problems with my pension or my lump sum both were promptly paid along with my final salary 2 weeks after leaving at end of my 22

I had a problem getting my wages for the 2 months prior to my final month it took four months and a dozen calls from me to the JPAC hell line (who kept informing me they legally had to reply within 10 days 'had one call telling me money was in my account' they lied BTW it was not)

My old RAO chased this up as well as I was not the only one (one bloke had been out for 4 months but JPA system would not accept the discharge so kept paying him)

Every time I called was fobbed off so was told I had a right to talk to a supervisor which I requested only to be told there were none there (and this s@@@ing system was up for an award for excellence)

Finally got paid 2 days after informing them that my solicitor would be in touch ref compensation for calls, loss of interest on savings etc etc and that I had informed my local MP who was bringing this to the attention of the PM (3 in my village alone booty, navy and me)

coincidence??? don't know but they still never called back when they did get it right
Well I have made numerous calls, contacted our local MP here in Scotland and guess who he is? Yes the Rt Hon Des Brown the Sec of State for Defence, I have given this department 7 working days from receiving notification from them of my ongoing issues, if I hear nothing, I am forwarding it all to my Lawyer. I have been out since 3 Jan. Yes not long but considering I completed my papers by the request of our RAO in August 07, you could say I have been waiting for 5 months to be told my papers appear to have been lost or certain members of the Unit do not care to even confirm where they are (lost or not!!) for the priviledge they wish me to complete details again and a further 800 mile round trip at my expense? At what point am I to stop forking out money and the Army pay what is rightfully mine? I am losing financial interest on my entitlements every single day, making calls all the time that is costing me money, causing stress on my family fighting for my financial rights that should have been received on leaving the Army and instead of good memories of the Army I can honestly say they are souring every moment. 22 Years I signed and completed as my Covenant to the Army. Where is the promises they gave.

I am in a quandry thinking who do I turn to next if the Secretary of State for Defence cant get the answers to my simple questions - is it so hard?:

1> Where are my original papers I signed some 5 months ago with all my PERSONAL information visible for all to see? :roll:
2> Why am I having to make costly calls to all these departments when as of 3 January 08 I am no longer paid by the very Armed Forces who owe me money? :roll:
3> I am entitled to my terminal grant and pension, I have left the Army, and my pay has been stopped. The Army know I have been leaving for 22 years, I completed relevant papers, what do I have to do? I know of at least one person who left around the same time, granted 1 stage up on the rank scale, but does that matter? He has had all his payments withint time. Do I have to personally stand outside Kentigern House with a massive placard advising them they owe me money? :oops: now there is a thought!!

It is no wonder service personnel turn to the flipping Media when they are treated like my family and I have been treated. Lawyer has been instructed and is waiting so keep eye on this one.....
Have you not written to your MP and the Rt Hon Des Browne? Outrages if after 3 years you still dont have your Grant? Personally I have gone as far as I can go without involving my Lawyer. Can take this sitting down, you must fight for what is legally yours? Perhaps if more people complained to Parliament something may be done about it? If you know you are entitled to this Terminal Grant - no way should you be 3 years down the line and nothing has been done about it!! :x
It would cost me more than it is worth - and they know that

Just means ANYBODY who asks me should I join the forces I have a penchant to say NO

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