Amputees Saluted At New Rehab Centre

Oracle said:
They also met many of the patients, like Major ***** of the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment who was given a five per cent chance of survival after coming under fire from a Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher (RPG) in Basra, southern Iraq in 2004.

Describing the long process of recovery, with injuries to his hand, shoulder, chest and eye, he said after the meeting:

"You just get used to it. When I was first injured and first came round, I think as a defence mechanism, I assumed I would be well within a number of weeks.

"As time goes on you realise that it is more serious than you first think and you just get used to it."

But thanks to help from the centre Major ***** said he hopes one day to be able to give up 'flying a desk' and get back to an operational role.
Thanks to the centre!! not the IRT that picked him up or the surgical team that worked on him for several hours!!

obviously the comment was made for the event, but it stings a bit.
Well i assume if he was that badly injured the ambulance journey and surgery is all a bit of the blur :lol: .Sure he would thank you for all your hardwork if he meets you again :)
Im sure he would

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