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This is of course the USA, it could be also in the UK rehab system?

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This link may not work. Wounded Warriors Amputation Alternative | Medical News and Health Information

Reported May 2, 2012. Ivanhoe

Wounded Warriors Amputation Alternative

SAN ANTONIO, TX ( Ivanhoe Newswire) -- Troops coming home with injured legs are requesting those limbs be cut off instead of saved. Advances in prosthetics are a major reason why. But now a breakthrough that some believe could be the most significant orthopedic advancement to come out of the war on terror, has many wounded warriors reconsidering.

Sophisticated prosthetics allow military amputees to run and return to duty. Those whose limbs are salvaged haven’t been so lucky.

"Every time I took a step, it felt like walking on a bed of nails," Ssgt. Ammala "al" Louangketh, told Ivanhoe.

That’s why he considered having his leg cut off after it was riddled with bullets in combat.

"It’s a very difficult decision," Joseph Robert Hsu, M.D., chief of orthopaedic trauma at SAMMC in San Antonio, said.

Before wounded warriors make that decision, Doctor Joseph Hsu is offering them another option.

"The IDEO has been a real game changer for us," Dr. Hsu said.

"It feels like putting on a new leg," Ssgt. Louangketh said.

It’s the return to run program at the center for the intrepid. After surgery and lots of rehab, injured service-members strap into the IDEO. Since his leg was mangled in an IED attack, specialist Caleb Redell has problems walking on his own, but as soon after putting on the IDEO, he can jump!

"It was exciting," Spc. Redell said. "I haven’t done anything like that since I got hurt."

Captain Victor Munoz struggles to walk since his legs were crushed by a drunk driver, but with two IDEO he can sprint!

"I wear them as much as I can just because I feel much more normal and pain free," Cpt. Munoz said.

Developer Ryan Blanck says the brace supports the wearer’s weight, which can help relievepain. Struts connect the top and bottom, giving wounded warriors back the ability to thrust their bodies forward. Blanck says while some who try IDEO do decide to go through with amputations, he’s seen a lot of people change their minds.

"I may not be back to 100%, but I’m going to give 110%," Ssgt. Louangketh said.

There are more than 200 wounded warriors using IDEOS in the return to run program. Doctor Hsu says he could probably have thousands in it, but right now it’s not an officially funded program. He tells us efforts are underway to change that and to eventually make it available to civilians.
Anyone know if this stuff is available to squaddies and do they carry it?

Reported May 25, 2012. Ivanhoe

Life-Saving Fabric? QuikClot Gauze.

NEW JERSEY, NJ ( Ivanhoe Newswire) -- The heart pumps a million barrels of blood during the average lifetime, enough to fill three supertankers! But, losing just one gallon could mean the difference between life and death. Now, there’s a new and simple first-aid tool that one cop says saved his life and could save many more.

Shoot-outs between good guys and bad guys happen in action flicks all the time, but for police officer Gerald Veneziano it was no movie.

"He hit my face three times, my leg, my arm and my chest," Gerald Veneziano, an injured police officer, told Ivanhoe.

One bullet hit an artery in the law-man’s thigh. He could have bled to death.

"We located a heavy bleeding gunshot wound right above his leg," Officer Michael Orr, who provided first aid, said.

Officer Michael Orr was first on the scene. In his first aid kit was something he’d used as a marine in Iraq, treated gauze that can stop bleeding

"And turn a regular piece of surgical gauze into a very powerful hemostatic agent," Brian Herrman , Z-medica CEO, explained.

QuikClot has a blood-clotting agent embedded into its fibers. The company that makes it claims it can stop bleeding in less than three minutes.

"All the tests we’ve done before showed a 600% improvement in the time to hemostatic in time to actually clot and stop bleeding then regular gauze or regular manual pressure," Herrman said.

It’s been used by the U.S. military and now the company has donated 15-thousand units of QuikClot to the Syrian American medical society to help victims of the bloody clashes in Syria.

"Obviously it saves lives; I carry it on me personally," Officer Michael Orr said.

Officer Veneziano says he wouldn’t be here without QuikClot.

"It saved my life," Officer Veneziano said.

Officer Veneziano is back on duty. Since the shooting his police department has issued QuikClot gauze to every one of its officer. You can buy QuikClot online. Various packs of it can vary from ten to 40 dollars.
Yep it's carried and used and has been for many years.

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