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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by uavgunner, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. Good day fellow ARRSE folks

    Ill get to the point,I've recently been amputated below the knee on one leg thanks to an IED funnily enough.Off to headley soon and all that good stuff and should probably wait till then to ask however I've been sat at home for two weeks now and something has been racking my brain,and having heard various story's from others i thaught I'd try here.

    Please bear in mind I'm not after a "My mate dan heard from his mate smudge that this guy so and so did this" answer.

    Are you aware of any amputees that returned to operations in a CAT 3 CAT 2+ role ie gone out patrolling in the Green Zone getting amongst it?

    Also do any of the firms doing PSD/CP/maritime security stuff have any Amputees working for them?

  2. Welcome to the club mate! Take it you are a signed up member of BLESMA? There have been a couple of articles in Blesmag about guys returning to active service after below knee amputation so it has happened, but probably fairly rare event. Outside the wire companies will employ you for security work provided you maintain your fitness levels and show you still have ability. Bit different I know, but I lost my left leg below knee whilst clearing landmines for a commercial company and went back to work after an 8 month break (would have been earlier but I had a house to renovate). I know of at least five amputees still working in the clearance game, 4 below knee, one right arm above elbow. PM me if you need advice on anything relating to life after amputation ... can't claim to know all the answers but I've lived with it for over ten years now.
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  3. Thanks
    No I've not joined BLESMA yet I assume I'll see them at Headley as that seems to be the crack with most organisations like that if not ill get in touch.

    I know guys who are missing bits have returned to Bastion and other FOBs but have any returned to theatre doing all the good shit like advancing to contact,Barmering,HAFing and generally causing Terry a headache.

    Thanks for the heads up on the private circuit
  4. Couldn't say whether they were charging about mit bayonet fixed or doing a less active job as all the Blesmag articles alluded to was back on active service.

    BLESMA will get you when you are at Headley. make sure you join, they will assist you with your claims/entitlements/prosthetic needs. And in the future you will be eligible for all the fun activities. I got back from the Red Sea on Sunday after a weeks scuba diving (my fourth year on the trip) and last year went to Colorado white water rafting. Lots of rehab events from skiing, sailing, scuba diving, parachuting to golf, horse riding and fishing ... something for everyone. Oh, and not to mention the Buck House garden parties, free tickets to Twickenham for internationals and other grand events!
  5. k13eod - have you any knowledge about BLESMAs home in Crieff, Ancaster house, have heard a few rumours about it closing.
  6. It's been closing since I've been a member but don't know the latest rumour.
  7. You might not want to soldier on after your minor skin irritation has been rehabilitated. You will be entitled to receive GIP, but only once you have left service, as well as an immediate pension. There will be lots of help retraining and finding a suitable job. You might just find it better to leave.
  8. Interesting
    If you are receiving GIP and immediate pension can you still work?
  9. Cheers. Any reason why and when its likely to happens and whats to become of it?
  10. Yes and the GIP/Pension is tax free so you won't be penalised by taxation in your wages.

    As lower single limb you'll probably receive 30% GIP. If you were on 24k a year now that would mean approximately £7200 per year tax free.
  11. No idea on the British army and I'm a civvy to boot so feel free to tell me to **** off as appropriate, but I did see a video on youtube recently regarding the septics where leg amputees are returning to frontline combat roles, I can't link it at work but if you search "bionic soldiers" on youtube its the first video that pops up, shows a few chaps on prosthetic legs going through weapons training and such so they can get back out there. Seems the right way to go for those who want to!
  12. You couldn't help me hack my leg off could you? Been trying to get Twickers tickets for ages.

  13. Are you sure you're not advertising female sanitary products?
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  14. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    I know nowt about losing body parts and count myself lucky to say that. But as a fairly honest Brit tax payer I'd say yeah, make it so.
  15. If I were, I've come to the right website ... it's full of *****.
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