Amph , Armoured, Knocker

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by mattloughrey, May 13, 2007.

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  1. Call me old fashioned, i have been out of it for a few years! There is one gripe i always had and that is......................

    Knockers, combat engineering is dead!

    Nothing an Amph/Armd Sqn cant do! yes we can defile as well.

  2. Why, its all been done before :x

    Think of something original.
  3. Get of your horse Holdfast...if it has been done before its turned in to a slagging match...

    Welcome to the forum Matt.
  4. Yes and all that happens is it goes round in circles. We are better than you, oh no your not etc etc.

    If Matt had taken the time and looked through the other posts he might have raised an old one with some new banter.

    Matt, welcome to you too.
  5. Okay, you fill the sandbags and rebuild hesco, Live rough, eat poor quality rashions, sweat your bollocks in day and freeze in the night. Also, the high chance of dying.

    While the other SQN's do the their retrospective jobs/trades living and working in a much more comfortable and safer environment.

    Thank you!
  6. Again you need to ask yourself what you basing you comment on, then ask someone else. Wait till you go on a proper exercise as a scallie in the back of a pack then tell all.

    Amph - Are they not going to be TA only

    Armoured - With the arrival of T,T and T it's gonna definately br the future of modern engineering.

    Knockering - I can't see the farmers WANTING to get out knocking thus the cicle is complete.
  7. Really? Has there been loads of call for Trojan and Titan in Afgan recently then?
  9. Maybe not yet but if more heavy A is deployed then the requirement to support it will exist and therefore the opportunity to prove the systems will arise.