Amount Of Duty Paid Cigarettes Back Into The UK?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by dixie-basher, Dec 2, 2011.

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  1. Currently working in Tanzania. Smokes here in are cheap, that is to say - the smokes in shops are cheap, duty paid. In Tanzania 200 Marlboro Lights = approx 11 quid.

    So, my question is; how many can I bring back. As I understand it I can bin all my clothes and fill my suitcase up with tabs because they're duty paid. They are all for my own consumption of course.

    Am I right or would I get a stern talking to (and confiscation of said tabs) from HM Customs & Excise on my return?

    Any help appreciated.
  2. I brought 600 fags in from Peru last year and the Cuntstoms and Excise made me pay 60 quid duty on the basis that they were not UK duty paid.
  3. Ah! Better get my clothes out of the bin and start smoking heavily then... well, even heavier than I already do. Thanks.
  4. Info on duty is available on the HMRC website. As you are outside of the EU the local tax paid is irrelevant, you would get import duty

    If it were within the EU there would be no import duty as you pay the local tax.
    This is when they will pay more attention to personal use on how many they think are reasonable. Your travel history can be considered, eg if bringing in a lot and you travel to Europe once a year it could be for you, if you travel every week then customs wont believe a case full is for personal use

    HM Revenue & Customs: Tax and duty on goods brought to the UK from outside the European Union
  5. I think the allowance is 200 (from outside of the EU). The last I looked, duty payable was aover 30 quid a carton.
  6. Thanks chaps. Been tabbing-up heavily to get rid... I'm not leaving them here for the lads!