Among things wrong with this country...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tom_Thumb, Dec 30, 2005.

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  1. "....the greedy bastards want extra pay, whilst sitting on their arse all day,
    Now dont tell me to mind the track, I want my fcuking money back!"
  2. Let me guess Get the forces to cover the tube drivers again, they can already to the Firefighters job, Soldiers can drive an underground train easily enough with about 3 hours training.

    Just out of interest why is it impossible for forces to have a union or go on strike? Christ theyre the only ones who do a real job and do it better than any other public service we have and at less cost and less moaning (well...) they DESERVE a union.
  3. They already get £30K for pushing stop/start and looking out for signs.
    The Tube are filthy, cramped and full of grumpy tossers... this is why I walk around london (get an A-Z and you find out it is quicker) as the Tube map is not a true repressentation of the lay out of London.
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Having worked for both mainline and underground railways both as a client and contractor I feel qualified to state that of both systems the underground is the biggest waste of money almost to the point of criminal activity. The tube networks are a political footbal of red ken and the unions. LU management will not introduce anything new as this will cause disruption and then cost them their jobs. They are the biggest jobsworths on this planet, the contractors chief engineers are too afraid to sponsor any innovations as all they want is a post in the Chief engineers directorate on LU as soon as someone drops dead. Bunch of tossers on about 40 days holiday a year and riddled with "positive dicrimination!" Nepotism and sloth! the worst of a public and private railway thats what the underground has become!
  5. I couldn't agree with Ugly more if he had enormous norks and was offering to put out...

    Still, if you insist on being in London when no right minded human would want to be there then that's your own fault. I may be biased given my perspective from rural gloucestershire and my abomination of all things metropolitan but that's my view and I'm sticking to it.

    Happy New Year, push a tube-driver under a bus if it will cheer you up!
  6. The DLR is all automated (with a few "drivers" and lots of gaurds/ticket collectors) why not do the same for the tube? or would that be to simple.
  7. Yep New York just had one but it only lasted a couple of days. It is illegal for New York public workers to go on strike. The workers lost two days pay for every day on strike. The ring-leaders were threatened with imprisonment as it was an illegal strike so the next day they were back at work. Sounds like a good idea to me!

    That's because the armed forces don't have a union!
  8. Underground drivers get £30k + and holidays only second to Teachers (who obviously get their 9 weeks)

    Holding the city to ransom!! :evil:

    No doubt tomorrow will be a great evening for the Africans and their deathtrap minicab bangers.
  9. I'd go further than Cuddles. I personally don't regard London as part of this country. It's like a little foreign place I visit now and then for a weekend.

    No bugger speaks English, no one has any manners, the place is filthy, the beer is appaling, it's crowded with wnakers from a dazzlingly broad spectrum, everything costs eight hundred and fifty three times more than in the UK, it smells and it's still got a lot of Cockneys in it.

    How they choose to manage their crappy little trains is no concern of mine, no more than how the Uzbeks choose to paint their post boxes.

  10. You sound like you live in the sticks.... where is it Royston Vasey?
  11. I,m with you on that one steamy !!!!! I have to go into London now & then for work & I fcukin hate the place. As our nations Capital City its a fcukin disgrace. The poxy tube drivers are only moaning about the change to thier 4 day (yes 4) week. Shirking lefty cnuts.

    Regards LT.
  12. Reminds me of the Pub Landlord stand-up gag:

    [after conducting a sing-along with the audience] "Ah, it's like the Blitz again... Without the reassuring background sound of East London being bombed into the ground. I'll say this for Hermann Goering, he could pick a target."
  13. I didn't mean to create a Londo hate thread...just a what specifically wrong.

    But yeah London is a bit much for ones mind and body as one can take.