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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dzerzhinskiey, Mar 31, 2003.

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  1. Depending where you are. I feel there would not be a conflict of interest or a problem with AI, they have done some very good work. However if you were to go in to an area that required a higher security clearance I am not to sure how the old duffers from the DVA would look at it. The organisation attracts a cross section of society all not necessarilt tree huggers, how would some of  they react to you and how would some of your colleagues in the forces react.

    The Mad Monk
  2. I know a few soldiers with full AI membership...hasn't been a problem for them.
  3. I know they do a lot of work for people in jail. Political prisoners etc. Some of those represented in the past have been IRA/UVF.

    They won't be on my Xmas card list.
  4. Ah, but don't join on the strength of that alone....check with Q's Regs or something.....or a solicitor?......

  5. Well we all work for a bloke who shook hands with Gerry Adams and Co......

  6. Dzerzhinskiey - slightly off the thread, but you mentioned AI is a charity -  it is quite easy to get charitable status, it is what they do with the donations that I am concerned about, this applies to all charities

    Its not what any charity does but it is how much goes on wages and expenses, as that is what most charities money goes on as they are not income generating companies, but some charities have business companies that generate income or charge for their services, so before you give I would check the accounts of any charity 1st.
  7. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    It might just be me but AI is (IMHO) less of a charity and far more of a political pressure group.

    I remember exactly what they've said about BRITFOR and US Nukes and so forth in the past and I would sooner spit on them than talk with them.

    If AI is so blessedly looking after people that are being oppressed can somebody remind me where they were in 2001 campaigning against The Taliban in the streets of London.  No I didn't see them either but last time I checked they were pretty oppresive.  WERE of course thanks to people like us.  I recognise that they do good work where they are allowed to and bring pressure where they can but I feel their pressure is unbalanced due to the influences of commie/anti establishment/marxist's.

    As an aside, if anyone was thinking of a charity St Dunstans is for blind ex-service presonal.  It receives my contributions.
  8.    Join if you want to . Shouldnt be a problem i was
    in for a while but am  not totaly against death penalty
    so left  .
          But on another  note if you ever have to help out
    on a resistance to interogation exercise you can pick up some  great tips  :) ;)
  9. Felix Dherzinsky

    funny bloke to be joining AI with a track record like your old firm??

    If as a member of the British Army, you think you will be able to maintain your loyalty to the Army, once they work out you are a squaddy, then you are a better man that thousands of others.

    As a servant of the crown, you've obviously checked their webiste to see what allegations have been made against HMG?

    If you think you can get by with them hanging on your every word, waiting to misquote you, and ramming the brits imperial past in castlereagh and elsewhere, down your throat; then crack on.

    We have a couple of low level contacts in AI UK, I look forward to hearing about you.  ( you only need SC clearance to work on the gun line dont you??)

    PS PM me if you'd like to join the Ba'ath Party.
  10. "I may not agree with your views but would fight to the death to defend your right to express them" or some such thing.

    Iraqi-DMI, are you saying that the use of extreme pain and fear as an aid to interrogation is oppressive, as long as it's not us doing it? (when it is obviously a sad but necessary means by which we keep our democratic way of life going)...........

    I suspect you will find that AI have carried out their normal activities as far as the Taliban went.