Amnesty International Tiptoe Around Iran

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Seadog, Dec 14, 2004.

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  1. And we worry about being unjustly charged with murder if we defend ourselves?!

    There must be some mistake. Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance and forgiveness. I mustn’t criticise too much lest someone scream 'racist' or 'Islamophobe' at me. Henious crimes compared with murdering ( not executing) under Sharia Law, a miserable wretch who has hurt no-one.

    Amnesty is pulling its punches.
    Please don't, but what can Amnesty do? Every do-gooder in the West is too busy droning on about the rights of foxes and lobsters, chavs, the bone idle and the desirability of a multi-cultural society. Surely, the vast majority of who Bliar describes as 'ordinary' Muslims will be appalled by this treatment of an innocent so let us hear them protest to their brothers and sisters in Iran.

    The Nazis would be more sympathetic.
  2. The problem is that these Religous types actually beleive the Koran word for word.
    Joe gobbles did not do propergander this good.
  3. The problem is that these Religous types actually beleive the Koran word for word.
    Joe gobbles did not do propergander this good.
  4. Extremist Islam is equal to National Socialism at its most dark.

    They wonder why people are 'Islamaphobes' or whatever :roll:
  5. Whenever anything heinous is committed in the name of islam, whether it be mentally retarded 19 year olds being tortured and executed in Iran, hundreds of children under ten being massacred as they attend the first day at 'big' school in Beslan carrying books and flowers, middle-aged female charity workers being shot in the back of head in Iraq, passenger jets being flown into sky-scrapers, women being treated as chattels etc, etc, we are told, and lets face it, we know no better, that these people are acting against the principles of islam.

    To the man in the street, in the Western world (and that must be at least a third of the world's population), islam is associated with what he sees on his TV day after day. A few people telling us that, actually, it's a peaceful and tolerant religion, doesn't really carry any weight. Being from a Westen society, for all it's faults, means that we tend to question everything we are told. When the people of these countries tell us they are happy then we will accept it, until then, islam can expect criticism.
  6. wonder if we can use the same logic to tell the fundamentalists that "Dubbya and Bliar's acts committed in the name of democracy and freedom are against the principles of the west"? reckon they would buy that??

    fundamentalists of any group are a pack of rabid dogs and should be put down so the rest of society can live in relative peace.

    and as for killing kids and women to keep them in line well to quote the old saying "the way a society treats its most vulnerable is an indication of its power, leadership and values".

    pretty tenuous hold and pretty cr@p leaders and values if they feel threatened by a retarded 19 yr old girl and have to repress the rights of half their population to make themselves feel like big men.
  7. I reckon that anyone who believes in any God has a bit of a screw loose. Fairy stories (e.g. Santa) are great analogies for teaching kids good from bad, but once adults start taking all that "big supernatural guy in the sky" stuff, quite frankly they lose my respect.

    Although people will namedrop sociopathic, atheist, psychos like Stalin, religion of all kinds remains the biggest evil of all time, whether it be the christian crusades, the islamist suicide bombers or even those shiny sleazeballs on US TV who rip off old folk for all their money.

    BTW - why would suicide bomber want 72 virgins in heaven. Wouldn't they be better off with some experienced chicks? :wink:

  8. because he got a small one and no staying power :lol: obviously dosent
    want any comparisons .
    Has the muslim coucil of great britain condemeded iran over this if not we can assume islam dosent do tolerance anymore .