Amnesty for 500,000 illegal imigrants

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Jun 14, 2006.

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  1. Typical New Labour asnwer to the problem , thousands of illegal immigrants .... make them all legal .... problem solved.

    Biggest problem is there are still many voters who are stupid enough to vote for Bliar and his party of cretins
  2. No one is illegal. And no one should vote for Labour - not since they've been hijacked
  3. You just know what was said on that cabinet meeting

    Tony to John dont know how many illeagals we have, what we going to do?
    Reid in jockense....oh aye..nae bother...ermmm....dunno

    Tea lady in the same room at the same time with NAAFI tea in those huge metal tea pots............why dont ya round them all up...huge boat..huge some deep sea dumping

    Reid..oh aye..brilliant....give them all an amnesty and pay for it with tax payers money....give them free them protest against the national flag coz they hate all those colours in it...and as a added measure...lets give out £50 fixed penalty fines to everyone who was born here (immigrants are excused in case they start crying) for having a loud shirt on in a quiet area to pay for my new suits...Im sure that will boost voters confidence...and when we talk about about it to the media..steer away from the ins and outs by telling the country we havent shafted our armed forces...only the other day when I flew over IRAQ it looked ok from 20,000 ft

    Tony to Reid...John..your brilliant..have a MBE/OBE/Knighthood (we just give them away these days anyway)
  4. Seems logical.

    If you don't know who they are or where they are.

  5. Yes they are. If they arrive here against our immigration or assylum laws, they are here illegally. You may not view them as illegal, but they ARE.
  6. Actually it’s already happened, the Telegrapth is not known for its upto the second exclusives, I read about it in a small somewhat triumphant piece in the Guardian last year on the 8th of July.
  7. That was a smaller amnesty, that was done under the radar. This one i presume, was the next step, just bigger.
  8. Not so it was the whole hog, anyway until we actually have secure borders with a Gillette issued on arrival and compulsory eating of a bacon sandwich (filmed and broadcast as ads on Arab TV), its every man for himself - we need that US Marine Guitarist to do us a catch UK specific tune......
  9. If there are 500000 untraced illegals in the UK I propose this simple but effective process. Firstly announce an amnesty for all illegals. Secondly announce that you need to call at your local police station to register for the amnesty, won't take more than half an hour, collect a certificate of naturalisation et cetera. I reckon we would be able to scoop up 300000 before word got around that they were being processed out the back door of the station into Group4's trucks and shipped off to a detention centre. 60% reduction in illegal immmigrants, good day at the office...

    Oh dear, have I blown Mr (Dr - hah!) Reid's cover??
  10. In an ideal world - yes they would be deported but I can think of better ways of spending the billions it would cost repatriating illegals.
    It may be just me but I think the less money that goes to the home office the better, maybe these immigrants could fill labour shortages or do voluntary work or something that benefits the the nation before they got a permit.
  11. I saw the title of this thread and thought it was one of those amnesties where you hand immigrants in to police station, like the knife amnesty recently. Then I read this thread and became thoroughly disappointed. I still think a 500000 immigrant amnesty is a good idea, every so often we could hold on, once we get to 500000 just stop the amnesty :twisted:

  12. How's about transporting them to Gruinaird Island? It's not too far, it's uninhabited and all unauthorised landing is forbidden by MoD. [Weaponised Anthrax testing carried out during WW2 - but surely it's safe by now].
  13. You hit the nail on the head! Its too hard to throw them out, so trim and change the law and suddenly, Labour Govt has the lowest illegal immigration figures of all time! It proves that they are crooks and lazy and don't care who or what happens to the UK as long as they make their money and keep their power; secondly that;
    "There are lies, damn lies and statistics" As said by a proper Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill.

    Some one made a suggestion, along the lines that you say they have to register, and then you grab them and send them home from where they came. Ordinarily i would not agree with such a tactic, as its underhand. But the government is underhand, and the scale of illegal immigration is getting larger as the UK is seen as a "soft" place to come to.... what was the news today, 50 plus people sentenced to life were released within 6 years of their going to prison

    And then there was that Zimbawean rapist who had rape charges against him in Zim, came to the UK and claimed assylum saying he was "gay" and then he raped 2 women in the UK, one of whom was 14. ( This was a story last week, I am not clever enough to find it on the BBC News site, but i imagine it is archieved some where there) Now the point being, he was obviously not checked out by immigration when he was given assylum, in the sense he says he is gay... so why does he have a record at home of women saying he raped them? Logic??

    The chap who shot dead WPC Sharron Breisnvski ( Sp?) last year was not deported earlier back to Somalia as it was deemed too "dangerous" to deport him back; but thats where he ran to after he brutally guned down an un-armed and uniformed police woman who was just doing her job.

    So to round up, UK gives assylum to any one, with no background checks, from how it appears.
    They won't deport you, that is if they even keep a tab on where you are and where you go.
    If you do get sent to prison, you will be let out early and then you won't be deported even when they let you out.

    Other countries have the death penalty, here we just have the life sentance, which now seems to mean you can get out in 6 years!

    But the labour govt wants to get re elected and have good numbers to show the ignorant masses who voted them back in, to vote them in again, with an influx of more town hall "non jobs" and these so called statistics.
  14. Hear Hear!!